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Ohh there was a loooong time since the last time I updated my ameblo xDD
It was because of school ( ; _;)

But now I'm in holidays and I have more free time :3


I'll write about AnCafe's live on México!!!!!

Well, the story begins 2 days before the live x3
Because I went with to of my friends to the airport to see them!

Their plane arrived at 4pm but we had to wait for them like 1 hour D:
But everything was ok because we saw them and they were really really kind!!! ラブラブ!

My favourites from AnCafe are Kanon and Yuuki ドキドキ
So I was looking for them xD

When they came out and started to go to their van, I followed Yuuki! He was recording with his videocamera, and I think I will appear on his videos because I followed him asking to him for an autograph!
He told me something like "Ohhh sign iie iie"
And I died because he answered something to me hahahaha

Then I saw my friend Erika with Teruki so I follow them haha
Teruki was really cute!!!!!!
He was always smiling! And we asked to him for pictures and he said "oh noo gomenasai" but we asked to him a lot that he accepted to take pictures with us!
Actually my friend just could take picture with him xD
He was walking when we took the pictures so all the pics are not so good (´_`。)

$☆ Imagine ☆ Blazing ☆ Freezing ☆ Damage ☆

Then we go outside and there were the rest of the band!
I took some pictures of Yuuki because he's so so so handsome!!!!!
He looks amazing without glasses wwww (///∇//)

Then Erika told me "give me your poster, Teruki is giving autographs"
And I gave to her my poster because I was shaking hahaha
I was really nervous! Then she gave me back my poster with Teruki's sign!!!!! Thank you Teruki!!!!

Then I looked for Kanon!!!! I was really excited for seeing Kanon because I decided to start to play bass because of him!!!!
I remember the first time I saw Escapism PV I said "OMG I want to play bass just to play like him"....

I was in front of him and I told him "Kanon please" showing to him my poster (sorry, I was almost speechless haha)
But OMG when he take my marker, he drop his cigar!! Ohhh I felt really guilty!!! xDD I started to say "Ohhhhh I'm so sorry! Gomenasai!" But he made a movement with his hand as saying "it's ok" and then he gave me his autograph >.<

I'm really happy! It was really important for me to have his autograph o(TωT )

☆ Imagine ☆ Blazing ☆ Freezing ☆ Damage ☆

Then was Yuuki again haha and I asked again for his autograph...
And he took my marker!!! Finally he was going to sign my poster! But then came Junior and said to him that they can't give autographs!


So he returned my marker and told me with the most beautiful face... "Ohhh gomenasai"... He seemed to be really sorry and I died (again) xD because he was so kind >.< and I told him "ok ok no problem"...

Then I turned myself and Miku was taking pictures with the fans! OMG!
So I ran and told my friend Alin "Ohh take me a picture with Miku!!" and I got my picture with him!
Also my friend Alin got her picture with him!

$☆ Imagine ☆ Blazing ☆ Freezing ☆ Damage ☆

Then their van arrived so they started to go into it... And they say "good bye" to us shaking their hands! And Yuki was still recording... So when the van started to go, they opened the back door of it to record us! Then all the fans started shouting and everything was a little chaos hahaha

It was because when we were with them, we tried to be "on peace", with no chaos xD but when they left us, we started to shout and all of that xD

It was really funny!

Here are some videos!

Next day, the had a day off, so they visited the "Teotihuacán" where are the pyramids! They seemed to enjoy them a lot!
They uploaded some videos on their Official Facebook: Part 1 Part 2

And later, they visited Harajuku Store! It seems that now it's a tradition to all J-Rockers to visit Harajuku Store hahaha

I know they found some fans, took pictures with them and also gave some autographs...

$☆ Imagine ☆ Blazing ☆ Freezing ☆ Damage ☆

I'm glad they enjoyed México ニコニコ

The next day was the live and it was AWESOME!
They playeda lot of old songs and that was amazing!
They talked a lot on spanish and Miku said he will return next year!
I will be there again! I need the others autographs on my poster haha

Thanks for reading me!
And sorry if I made some english mistakes o(_ _*)o

I hope I can write more often on this holidays音譜

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