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How to send a plea mail to the UN Secretary-Generalis as shown below.^^

First, please read the text of the plea.

If you agree with it, then send it to UN Secretary General António Guterres

The email address of the Secretary-General is .

Copy the (Subject) part and (Main text) part and paste them to your email.

At the end of the main text, replace (Your name) with your actual name.

Once all is done, send it!



Then, the below is the plea.^^


Plea for help to solve Fukushima problems.


(Main text)

Dear Secretary-General António Guterres,


I am writing this to plead earnestly with you, and the United Nations, to pay immediate and intent attention to the problems with the crippled nuclear reactors at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (hereafter "F1") and radioactive substances spreading out thereof.


Ever since the Great East Japan Earthquake, the ensuing tsunami and the severe damage caused to F1, collectively known as 311, took place on March 11, 2011, an unignorable number of cases with ailments, illnesses and sudden deaths have been reported, as well as cases with deformed plants. Pollution is detected not only in the air but also in soil in so wide a region and food from farms and sea. Contamination has been found overseas also, such as on the west coast of the US.


Steam containing radioactive particles is constantly emitted from F1, which is acknowledged by the very power company, TEPCO. Furthermore, steam or smoke that covers the entire sight of the fixed camera is seen on the internet as frequently as every a few days, and then the atmospheric radiation level in the vicinity rises accordingly.


However, it appears that the government of Japan and TEPCO have been met with great difficulty tackling the problems. And while the date of completion of solving them is not yet estimated, the government is prone to re-activating the other, currently stopped nuclear power plants, rather than informing the commons of the progress of the work on F1.


Another concerning part is that there are considerable discrepancies between various data and reports broadcast by major media and those by independent researches - the former appears significantly understated. Overseas media and websites report the current state and warn far more gravely of these problems in Japan than Japanese counterparts do, and a great deal of information found on the internet is not even spoken of on TV or newspapers. The reported illnesses and deaths are, if spoken, not attributed to the radiation derived from F1.


Summer 2013 saw a fair progress in growth of the hazard, with public knowledge and an extremely concerning matter that at least several hundred metric tons of contaminated water once leaked into the sea. The water is so astoundingly contaminated that it is as radioactive as 80 million becquerels per liter!


There is also underground water flowing tangent to F1's molten fuel, turning radioactive and diffusing into the sea (part of it is seen to become the above-mentioned steam). TEPCO has admitted that its attempt to prevent the ever-increasing contaminated water from overflowing is failing. The total amount of radioactive leakage, as of August 2013, numbers stupendous 30 trillion becquerels. This predicament is going beyond human ken, with unforeseeable end.


Unfortunately, Japan has proven itself incapable of solving the problems which threaten not only the inhabitants of Japan but also of the world, either by itself or soon. I gravely plead with you for the United Nations' intervention in the operation to help tackle the problems, and to call other international bodies and fellows for the action.


It is in my knowledge that a likewise plea has been made to the United Nations by Mr. Mitsuhei Murata, a Japanese former ambassador to Senegal, Switzerland and other nations. Please accept his request and help save Japan and the world!


Yours faithfully,

(Your name)





That’s it!


We all must defend ourselves, you know, and sometimes need help.


Thank you very much for your action!





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