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Dear Fellow Earthlings,

   If only my Earthsaving quest were as highly developed as my Jingles quest!

   You see, just as the deep work I have done with The Jingles has resulted in a surefire method to help clients attain the most nativelike pronunciation expertise possible, I am hoping that, with the help of other Earthsavers, I can help Earth's ecosystem (including the socioeconomic subsystems of all human beings) attain the highest achievable benefits that can be distilled from Earthsaving expertise...

   Since my Earthsaving efforts are still but dreams, however, let me go directly to the type of dynamism afforded to clients who undergo Jingles training.

   One of my clients is motivated beyond all of the others I have ever dealt with. He (Let us refer to him as "Mr. H" (the "H" standing for "hope") spends lots of time every day, going over his Jingles over and over again. The result is that he has made phenomenal progress. However, he still remains puzzled why he cannot sound as good a "as other non-native speakers" (The quotes here are Mr. H's, not mine.)

   Mr. H feels intimidated by other non-native speakers of English whose self-confidence
in their English pronunciation leads him to believe that they somehow speak English with
much more accuracy in their pronunciations than he does. I explained to Mr. H that he needs
to realize that these people are just fooling him -- and themselves as they seek refuge in the
fantasy that they sound just like native speakers.
For they do not!

   There is nothing inherently wrong with being unable to sound like a native speaker of a language whose phonological expertise one is attempting to master. (In Jingles parlance,
such a language is called one's "target language" (TL). Indeed, until "The Jingles"
came along, rationalizing that one sounded good was a way for the aspiring speaker of any TL
to maintain kerm will to go forward.

   Now that "The Jingles" are here, however, such rationalizations are not necessary. For Example, the key to Mr. H's progress is to develop his primary synergy to a level that allows him to power the following sounds with a steady state underpinning of nativelike (since his TL is North American English) abdominal surging: s as in registration,  z as in legislators, uW as in view, y as in view, h as in her or him, and uR as in her.

   If Mr. H can attain nativelike mastery of the 6 gestures mentioned here, then he will be well on his way toward achieving his dream!

   Much as proper exercise and a well maintained diet regimen can reduce excess body fat,

so too can proper exercise and a well maintained Jingles regimen bring Mr. H to his desired

level of English pronunciation competency.

   Proper Earthsaving strategies, adjusted in timely manners to accommodate the large number of
variables that we will encounter as we move toward our goals, will help all of us reach desired levels of balance for Earth's entire array of ecosystems.

Steve Walker
Earthsaver and Jingles Creator  




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