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Dear Fellow Earthlings,
   On the 30th of April 1982 the British Government sent a message out to the Falkland Islanders that
if Islanders could make their way to Buenos Aires, they would be able to contact the Swiss Embassy there for assistance in continuing on, by way of Uruguay, to the United Kingdom.

   But the Islanders would have little time to consider this message -- which seemed tantamount to
surrendering the Falkland Islands to the Argentines without a battle ever taking place.

   On the very same day United States President Ronald Reagan, seeing that his Secretary of State
Alexander Haig's shuttle diplomacy efforts had come to nothing, agreed to offer a degree of support
to Britain. At the same time Reagan imposed military and economic sanctions on Argentina.

   President  Galtieri of Argentina, who had already been shaken deeply by the refusal of the
Organization of American States (OAS) (on the 28th of April) to censure Great Britain for sending
its Naval Task Force to the Falklands or to come to Argentina's aid in any other way, now felt totally betrayed by Reagan's decision to side with Britain.

   Although Reagan's aid to the British did not include the use of any American soldiers, sailors,
airmen, or marines, it DID include logistic support from Ascension Island, where the British received various types of missiles, fuel, and ammunition. In addition the United States made its state of the art intelligence and communications capabilities available to the British.

   The Falkland Islanders remained largely uninformed of the international events of the previous
three or four days. But they knew that the time of reckoning was now imminent...     

Steve Walker
Earthsaver and Jingles Creator


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