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Dear Fellow Earthlings,

The primary synergy of Seneca is located in the oral/naval cavities, with either nasal vibration or its absence being key elements of Seneca sound production. In the face of the onslaught of the English tsunami after the construction of the Kinzua Dam, Seneca speakers have been repidly losing the ability to "feel" the importanceof maintaining the nasal/non nasal distinctions.

After all, when any living entitiy is under attack and clearly facing defeat, its instinct is to run or hide rather than fight. And the Seneca people, having lost their battles long ago to disease, guns, alcohol, and cultural destruction brought about by Europeans, now hide behind their sacred, secretive ceremonies and the opiate of monies generated by their casinos.

Just as the cash from these casinos provides the Seneca people with incentives not to work so hard, so too does its discounted mountains of non-traditional food shorten their lives....

With obesity, lack of motivation, and tokenization pushing the Seneca people further and further from their roots, wher can they go next?

The gaeNo' can help the Seneca people make a comeback. Starting with the module "sach'wae:nOh!", The gaeno can help the Seneca people sound Seneca from the moment they first hear the words, pronounced in the traditional way, by their gaeNo' instructors (and, eventually, once again by their parents and grandparents). As the Seneca children grow -- despite being surrounded by a sea of English and other non Seneca terms, they will be able to feel how their language differs so, so much from that of the English speakers, the Spanish speakers, the French speakers... AND EVEN (though in more subtle ways) from the speakers of languages that are kin to Seneca: Onondaga, Mohawk, Cayuga, and Oneida.

"Go and see it!" is the English translation for "sach'wae:nOh!"-- and is the key to building up a system of modules for Seneca phonomic revitalization. In the next few months I, HadEnoshyOnis will do my best to boost the rebirth of Seneca as a vibrant
language -- sonorant when its nasalization is switched on, deliciously denasalized, almost "quiet" when not -- spoken in the way its speakers did prior to the appearance on the shores of America by the Europeans.

If the Seneca people can make their language strong enough, it can co-exist with other languages and compete with them on an equal footing!

Following is the first Seneca Jingle, which includes the key module "sach'wae:nOh!" :

GaEnO' Sga:d : OgatO:dEh dz:dak ni:yO:h oisdaga:h. YOdOh gE:s, "Sach"wae:nOh". Dah
onEh swagahdEjO:h, dwaknOhs:d heswage:nO:h.

HadEnOshyonis (Steve Walker)
Earthsaver and Jingles Creator
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