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Dear Fellow Earthlings:

During the Golden Week Holiday period in Japan I took a little
time to reflect on my past a bit:

I spent two-and-a-half years in Saudi Arabia back in late 1977 through
the middle of 1980, working as an instructor of English as a foreign language
at King Faisal University in the city of Al-Hofuf.

Al-Hofuf is a city surrounded by quite a few oases. In photo one (below) you
see the smiling faces of some boys I encountered in Al-Hofuf one day.

In the second picture below, I (dressed in blue) am visiting the home of one of my students. The students I taught were preparing to become agricultural specialists or

In picture three you see me next to my bicycle. During the cooler times of
the year, I would often ride my bicycle the five kilometers from the King Faisal
University teaching staff compound where I lived, into Al-Hofuf.

During my second year in Saudi Arabia, I purchased a 1978 Chevrolet Blazer from a
dealer near my parents' home in Caseyville, Illinois in the United States. Soon
after purchasing the four-wheel drive vehicle, I drove it to Baltimore, Maryland.
From Baltimore, I shipped the Blazer to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I then drove
the Blazer all the way from Rotterdam, through Europe, across the Bosporus, and all
the way to Saudi Arabia.

In the fourth picture you see my Blazer parked in an isolated desert area east of
Al-Hofuf, not far from the Arabian (Persian) Gulf. I had many exciting adventures
driving that vehicle to various parts of Saudi Arabia.

It is not good to dwell on the past too much -- but I am happy I had the experience of
living and working in Saudi Arabia!

(See my June 8, 2013 blog (Installment 13) for an additional account from my Saudi Arabia experience.)

Steve Walker
Earthsaver and Jingles Creator

Some of the local boys in Al-Hofuf in 1977

Here I (dressed in the blue thobe) am visiting
one of my students at his home, located in a lush oasis.

That is me with my trusty bicycle, on the way home
from shopping in Al-Hofuf in November of 1977.

In 1978 I used my 1978 Chevrolet Blazer to drive across the
desert near the Arabian (Persian) Gulf. The two figures in
the picture are me and Tom Ewer, a professor of veterinary
medicine from Bath, England. Both of us taught at King Faisal
University. Tom is wearing a white shirt, I am wearing a blue one.

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