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 ザ ジングルズでは、英語を母国語としない方に、各々の目標とする英語発音を選択していただいております。例えば、イギリス英語を母語のように話すことをお望みの方の場合、まずジングルズの能力を90(英語母語と同指数)にまで発達させます。ひとたび90の水準まで到達すれば、その方の英語発音はイギリス英語を母国語とする者と同程度となります。


 しかし、特定の英語方言内においても発音選択が必要な場合があります。例えば、英語を母語としない方のなかには、”either”, “efforts”, “consumers”といった単語をみて当惑される方もおられます。








 英語を母語としない方が、書籍やインターネットなどの情報を使用して練習しても特定の英単語を発音することができない場合は「ザ ジングルズ」をお試しいただくことをお勧めします。自分でも気がつかないうちに、どの英単語も正確に発することができるようになり(単純に継続努力を惜しまなければ)、英語母語話者の発音水準にまで到達してしまいます。


 したがって、either”の母音の発音に”I”または”E”を選択すること、”efforts” の母音の発音に”or”または”er”を選択すること、あるいは”consumers”suの間にy音を挿入するか否かに関わらず、ジングルズの訓練を行うことによって”either”の“th”の発音が正確にできることが保証され、”effortsの“s”が最後まで発音され聞き取り可能になり、そして”consumers”においては“N”と語尾の”z”の両方の発声により英語を母語とする話者として認識されるようになるのです!





Dear Fellow Earthlings,
   The JINGLES offer the non-native speaker of English the opportunity to set
kerm (his or her) own pronunciation goals. If kee (he or she) wishes to sound like
kee is a native speaker of, say, England English, all kee has to do is develop kerm
JINGLES to the 90-level. Once kee can do that, then kerm pronunciation will sound
like that of a native speaker of England English.
  But even within a given dialect of English, choices regarding pronunciation have to
be made. For example, non-native speakers find themselves puzzled with the following
three words:  "either", "efforts", and "consumers"
  By checking online dictionaries, these puzzled non-native speakers discover a wealth
of information about pronouncing such words, complete with written pronunciation
symbols, explanations, and sound byte samples.
  If these seekers of proper pronunciation are lucky enough to speak a European
language similar to English, they are often able to imitate the sample pronunciations
they encounter with a great deal of accuracy.
   On the other hand, people whose native languages are non-European often do not
have sufficient speech motor skills development when it comes to producing nativelike
English -- that is, the English spoken by native speakers of English in England,
the United States, Canada, the Falkland Islands, Australia, and New Zealand. It is
such people who can benefit most from Jingles training.
   When such people find themselves incapable of pronouncing certain English words despite
their efforts to practice them using information from books or the internet, they should try The
Jingles. Before they know it, they will be pronouncing every English word they utter with
phonological accuracy that approaches and (if they persist in their efforts) even reaches
that of native speakers.
  Therefore, whether you choose "either" with "I" or "E" as the vowel, "efforts" with "or"
or "er" as the vowel, and "consumers" either with or without a y-sound between the "s" and
the "u", the fact that you have been doing Jingles training will guarantee that the "th" of
"either" will be perfect, the final "s" of "efforts" will be audible, and both the "N" and the final
"z" sound in the word "consumers" will help you pass yourself off as a native speaker of
Steve Walker
Earthsaver and Jingles Creator
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