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Dear Fellow Earthlings,


   Here’s how things could have been:


1. If, from the beginning, we had visualized how bad it is to rip open Earth and tear out her

  entrails to secure metals and energy sources, we would have been very careful about

  how we brought on an industrial revolution. And the world would now be plastic free,

  with its people having their energy needs provided by direct sunlight and its ancillary

  batteries, those devices designed to provide for our energy needs during long, dark

  winters and at night.


2. If the wise people of olden times had been able to foresee how important it is to limit the human

  population to sustainable numbers and to acknowledge how all living things have equal rights

  to Earth’s bounty, then – as I address all of you here – we would have millions of African

  elephants peacefully grazing and maintaining the ecosystem of Africa, millions of Asian

  elephants (unchained and non-domesticated, mind you!) performing similar functions in south  

  Asia – and mastodons and mammoths doing likewise in the northern reaches of Eurasia and in

  North America. Humans would realize of course they could use their brain power to run these

  maginificent animals over cliffs for quick, non-sutainable food supples, but – unlike what really 

  happened – would not abuse that mental edge over elephants to lead to the horrible ivory

  tusks-as- trophy mentality that eventually sprang up, leading to the end of elephants,

  mammoths, and mastodons. 


3. Earth’s human population could number 150,000,000, not 8,000,000,000 and climbing. We

   could have our diverse cultures and a certain degree of mixed cultures as well. No one

   culture or religion would claim dominance over any others – and each culture would have its

   own language and cutoms, each religion would have its own beliefs. Against a backdrop of

   worldwide understanding that each culture/religious group should maintain (but not increase!)

   its numbers, then there would be no incentive to waste time, energy, money, and lives on the

   absurd notion of warfare. We could all “get along”. For the pie would be large enough so that

   all of us could have a nice slice of it – that is to say, there would be enough land, air, water, and

   food for each human (and, indeed each living creature) to receive kerm/its share of Earth’s



4. All members of so-called “minor entities” (such as the Falkland Islands, Easter Island, the

  Seneca Nation, the Ainu people, the minority religions of the world) would enjoy the same

  degree of access to resources, recognition,  and ethnic/national identity, and representation

  as any of the “major nations”. As a result the indigenous peoples of all the continents – along

  with those of all the islands of the world – could carry on with their traditions, languages, and

  beliefs even as all people learned English, to use as their “window to the world” outside of their

  native lands. And, no, the Kinzua Dam on the Allegheny River would never have been built!


5. We would see things in a more optimistic, but realistic perspective. Instead of arguing over

  land and other resources, we would use all that Earth provides with respect and responsibility.

  Our ever developing technologies would be used to supplement -- but not to supersede our

  natural bounties. In other words, since we would have known that "Hello Kitty" was NOT a

  cat -- nor "Mickey Mouse" a mouse, we would have been to come to grips with the fact that

  the complete replacement of human labor by robotized production techniques was NOT a

  solution to our longings -- NOR could it ever lead to the fulfilment of our needs.


  6. The tenets of our various faiths would be supported and offered to non-adherents of those

      religions by feelings of faith and hope, not of single minded conceit that “We are right." and

      “Others are wrong." Ideas of Heaven and Hell would be used not as reasons to criticize 

      and/or persecute (and, as in some countries in the real world, to "prosecute"

      and/or "execute") people whose faiths do not fit a particular set of criteria and/or follow

      a particular set of rules. Instead, sincere believers of their respective faiths would have the

      freedom to expound upon their beliefs to anyone who would listen...


   In the meantime, all of us would -- by living in accordance with the 6 tenets just listed --  be able

  to experience paradise right here on Earth!


Thank you,


Steve Walker

Earthsaver and Jingles Creator

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