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Dear Fellow Earthlings,

It was three years ago at this time that I tried to contact Elon Musk, with my ideas for modules that could streamline a worldwide transportation system known as the “hyperlink”. See installments 103, 104. 105, 1nd 106.

At present I am working on developing a JINGLES hyperlink that will allow capsules of phonological data to be made available to people anywhere around the world. As the people approach their destinations of “nativelike phonological competency”, I would insist, however that they “slow down” and enjoy the scenery by engaging in stimulating conversation and discourse with one another. This will help reinforce and preserve the human element of language.

All too often, the trip itself is quick and efficient – but once the destination is reached, not enough time is taken to actually “smell the roses” in that faraway place that you have finally reached.

Imagine, for example, being able to obtain Seneca or Irish Gaelic feedback from modules rather than from humans: The savings in energy and manhours (not to mention the protection afforded both learners and instructors from voice abuse) would be incalculable. An increasing number of
enabled speakers of these endangered language would then be able to cluster together and speak among themselves, bringing moribund languages back to good health.

The world’s economy is inextricably tied to an ever increasing number of new apps and websites. The education industry is not exempt from this. Therefore, the potential of JINGLES TRAINING must also be made available to all Earthlings so that they can be enabled to learn the human languages of their choice – or preserve the languages of their ethnic heritages – with, at least in the early going, the benefits of app modules. That’s why I and several colleagues are developing an app that is going to help preserve the phonological wealth of humankind!.

People will be enabled to use the app to make their allophonomes flower!!! The JINGLES does not challenge the core function of language instruction, that of teaching the four skills. Rather, we focus on the preservation of languages in a quest to preserve the beauty of our phonological heritage!

Jingles algorithms have the potential to convert English modules to Dutch to German to Russian to Mongolian to Korean to Japanese to Chinese to Seneca and so on -- without instructors or the need for lots of travelling, monetary expenditure, physical duress, or undue amount of time.

As computers and robots take over mundane chores, the free time peoople find themselves with can be devoted to language preservation, cleaning up the natural environment, doing physical workouts, and other forms of Earthsaving.

Steve Walker
Earthsaver and Jingles Creator

Handsome Lake’s Seneca allophonome can, conceivably, be extrapolated and
preserved on a single app.
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