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Copyright: Reprinted form of hyperlinks identify the original source and author information and this statement marriage to send what gift best wedding process memorandum seemingly simple wedding, the day If you wish to wonderful perfection is probably not a month in advance two months can not be completed. Want to create the dream wedding feast, the wedding must first understand about the process, so be aware, busy but not chaotic. Decided to wedding to wedding day, how reasonable arrangements for the time and matter, in order to cover everything and not be tired? Time: 12 months before marriage, and more matters: the day that the site of climate and folk, the most suitable for marriage season of the year, roughly 3 to May, 9 November, the months in addition to the temperature appropriate , the weather is sunny and comfortable for the In order to meet to participate in the convenience of the wedding guests, especially the weekend in these months, the holidays for the best. So doing, the date for marriage in the year, but is more than 20 days. By convention, the elders were needed in accordance with the new sign of the Zodiac and horoscopes please pick auspicious
The wedding dress pictures 2010 married a new trend - short wedding dress popular in the summer
Copyright: reprint, please indicate the original source and author information and this statement in the form of hyperlinks wedding dress pictures 2010 marriage a new trend - short wedding dress in the summer prevalence of short dress is not a bridesmaid patent married in summer is very cost-effective silk wedding is the most suitable for the summer Korea star short wedding dress in 2010, late spring, summer seems nowhere in sight, as the "beginning of summer," the word in the calendar brand out there, people seem to have smelled the fragrance of gardenia open. Many brides also prepared to organize their own wedding in the summer, in order to wear the most beautiful and stylish wedding, but married in the summer the groom to wear what? Let us first come to appreciate the short wedding dress picture under this Xiaobian, it is no longer a bridesmaid dress picture of the patent, to build the section of the 2010 fashion summer of Pop! Summer wedding short dress the color of summer marriage is actually a good deal now, a few couples who select summer. Since 2006, the summer marriage is increasing. This may be the nature of the work of many people, such as a teacher, usually busy with work pressure, the summer is relatively idle; many guests in a foreign country, just leave this time, so the use of home leave to marry; some people do not want during the peak season to join in the fun, relatively idle during this time, hotels, wedding companies, dedicated to its planning, you can also use a more affordable price to select an environmental good hotel, do not worry about queuing. Silk wedding dress for summer, however, the troubles of the summer to marry the bride really a lot. Sweating, and makeup is easy to "spend" out, too much embellishment, trailing luxury wedding beautiful, allows bride sweltering, the guests also feel cumbersome. How to show the guests in front of a fresh and clean little bride? Summer bride's wedding dress should be simple and should not be cumbersome, the wedding of the past two years the rise of the silk fabric, soft and breathable, is the best choice. However, the choice of wedding silk fabrics is the best brand new after washing, texture somewhat less more. The bride and the best conditions for their own tailored set of silk wedding has in every price range, the low end of 1000-2000 yuan, the high-end 10 000 -2 million. Summer look elegant, not suitable for heavy make-up, try to avoid outdoor activities. Because of the strong ultraviolet radiation will mercilessly put your white skin drying red. Advance a number of skin care, so that the day of the wedding showing the bride flirtatious charm to. Summer bride's hair advocating simple, natural, do not spray too much stereotyping of water, or exaggerated hair, in short, to minimize the burden on the hair. The short dress is not a bridesmaid patent in the past, a lot of people like at the wedding dressed in a long evening dress, short dress seems to not stately, has not been good, and to become a patent of the bridesmaids. In recent years, this concept is quietly changing the short dress at the wedding has become popular, and nowadays the bride wedding essential first line. Short dress gives the impression that a cordial and generous work, yet grand, a visitor will feel very decent. In the past, wedding dresses, evening dresses, Chinese cheongsam marriage will wear three sets of clothing, Chinese cheongsam gradually decline, replaced by a short dress. It can also easily create a party atmosphere, some new and even after the wedding with the guests went to the bar to leave a memorable and enjoyable night. And you do not have to worry about no light of day of your dress in addition to the wedding outside, a simple little dress skirt is very practical, and more occasions in the future can continue to teach here. View more dresses: Click to view / post Source: .cn/h/p/2010-05-07/10462950727. Shtml history: 2010 Forbes Power List 2009 sports sector Forbes list? 2011 -11-07 Australia cut interest rates the Reserve Bank of Australia on November 1, 2011 to cut interest rates by 25 basis points to 4.50 percent. 2011-11-07 drama olive hearts, olive 2011-11-07 Avatar HD online [Top] [eclectic] Avatar movie HD version download, Avatar, HD movie, Avatar HD 2011-11-07evening dresses and ball gowns long evening dresses
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