Cheap nike air max smiled and waved his hand, said. Sit down! Thank you! Lu Kou does not like cheap nike air max this person, but because of differences in identity, his attitude is still very respectable and polite. He moves slowly but calmly sat down on the side of the sofa, said. Xie, I came mainly to convey meaning to her brother. Han disastrous setback in Guangzhou, which has lost Qiu Ping generals, which help the morale hit bottom, this is an opportune time to attack. Big Brother is ready to completely defeat the Green Gang in Shanghai forces, and now we have gathered the basic manpower in Shanghai, such as only the arrival of Mr. Xie, we both north and south together for good to start the Green Gang fatal blow. Cheap nike air max smiling, listening, laughing face, my heart does not agree.

Green Gang forces and not just concentrated in Shanghai, what can cause a fatal blow? Unless cheap nike air max 90 trainers Xin Lei Fang asked. Redknapp, what is it? Dong Xin Lei came up two steps, whispered. East Columbia, Namhong door Lu Kou came. Cheap nike air max stunned for a moment, muttered. Estimates for the Green Gang joint I co- offensive things. Dong Xin Lei think so, asked. East Columbia to see him? Since people come, do not let him be admitted by the rescue. Then, cheap nike air max Young nod, said. Let him come! Yes, East Brother! Dong Xin Lei promised soon, trot out. Xie, hello! Lu Kou walked into the office, smiling greeting. What is the wind blowing Luxiong I come here?!

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