2012-02-14 01:49:11

Fendy Gan in JAPAN 2011-2012 Skate day 1

テーマ:Skating video
DOWNHILL SK8部@関東 Official video

We enjoyed skating with Fendy during one and a half months. He is nice guy and good skater!!!
It was very fun days:)

Riders : Fendy Gan, Keisuke Kogawa, Kazunari Ohta, Satoru Takuma, Sadao Shioda, Yoshinori Takuma.

Directed & Edited by Yoshinori Takuma

I hope everybody enjoy it!!!

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2012-01-05 00:33:17

@KANTO, MELBURN Collaboration

テーマ:Skating video

Japan is a downhill skateboarding paradise and I'm here for 1.5 months skating with the @Kanto crew. Here's some footage from a recent trip we took to the mountainous region of Japan, Shizuoka. Enjoy and a stay tuned for the Downhill Japan video which is coming soon.

Music: Foster the People - "Color on the Walls (Don't Stop)"
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2012-01-01 16:03:40

New video trailer


Final ver. Coming soon!!!

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2011-12-31 23:10:49

Greener Pastures EP3

テーマ:Skating video

In the search to find the most challenging roads in Switzerland, EP3 highlights the supreme variety found, but on one hill. Oh yeah, and a gondola to the top!

While free riding, a multitude of things can capture your focus, i.e., position of other riders, rough pavement, vehicles, guard rails, debris, what's for lunch, etc.
Focus and comfort in ones riding comes when these thoughts are subdued, when one finds their 'flow'.

In EP3 the riders talk about their experiences with accidents and injuries. The message is simple. Being attune to the dangers involved in a situation will lower the risk. Riders sacrifice so much for a lifestyle which is important to them. As Samy Cantieni states "I would never trade anything for all I have lived through, thanks to skateboarding."

By this point the Greener Pastures crew had become more comfortable riding close together, with the European style of road construction, the pavement and what we as a group felt this project represents.

EP4 Landscape coming on December 13th.


Yoshinori Takuma
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2011-12-03 01:51:56

Arber Skateboards : Get Elevated Tour Episode 1

テーマ:Skating video

In the first installment of the 2011 Get Elevated Series, the Arbor Skateboards team including James Kelly, Kody Noble, Max Myers, Eric Singer, Jimmy Riha and Duke Degen meet up at the Skate House in Los Angeles before heading Northeast into the Sierras. After a long drive and by sheer serendipity, they find a driving guide which leads to a road nestled in the mountain range nearby. Turns out the pavement is super burly with huge cracks across the road the entire way down. After the impromptu session is over, the team rests their heads in Mammoth Lakes in preparation to skate the area the following day. Days 2 and 3 will be featured in the in episode of the Get Elevated Tour.

Filmed & Edited: Michael Alfuso
Post Production Sound: Art Espinosa
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2011-11-25 03:52:50

DOWNHILL SK8練習会 November 2011

テーマ:Skating video
DOWNHILL SK8練習会 November 2011

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2011-11-22 22:06:33

Greener Pastures EP2


"Greener Pastures" film series is hosted in Switzerland which encompasses a great diversity of landscapes offering an abundance of opportunity for places to film and explore.

The purpose of "Greener Pastures" is to expose some of the best skating with some of the best riders on earth in a high quality production. It is clear that longboarding has become an individual entity, distinct from other sports while still being connected to them. It is this new and vibrant identity that "Greener Pastures" looks to communicate to its viewers. But unlike other skateboard and longboard videos, "Greener Pastures" will represent all companies together, presented in an unbiased fashion. It is this type of unity that will allow for an uninhibited cooperation between riders. It is this sense of community and cooperation that is at the heart of the contemporary longboarding identity.

Produced by Patrick Switzer
Directed by 3heads Production
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2011-11-19 02:10:37

Greener Pastures EP1

テーマ:Skating video

Downhill skateboarding gives us the unique opportunity to search out our next skate location in some of the most unique and extreme places in the world. Be it in our own town, country or making our way slowly uncovering the globe to embrace each opportunity to hone our skills.

This small country of Switzerland offers countless diverse challenges within a relatively short drive. During the filming of Greener Pastures we covered one thousand kilometres traveling to each of the ten locations (not including skating) over thirteen days before making our way to Kozakov the first European IGSA World Cup race in Czech Republic.

In many cases traveling becomes more the adventure than skating, when in search of our next campsite, meal or stunning view. "The van" becomes a place of refuge which all skaters can relate to.

In Greener Pastures a magic wheel is used to create a metaphor for how each of us are connected. No matter who we ride for, what we ride, or how we ride it we are all brought together for a common passion.

Producer: Patrick Switzer
Director: Vit Hasek, 3Heads Production

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2011-11-13 13:44:33

Okugome cruise 4 MENS

テーマ:Skating video

Riders : Keisuke Kogawa, Kazunari Ohta, Satoru Takuma, Yoshinori Takuma

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2011-11-10 01:34:27

White Avenger

$Downhill Speedboarding JAPAN-White Avenger

もう二年程乗っている09 Avengerです!あまりに薄汚れていたのでデッキテープを張り替えました。
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