Date : 2018 / Jan / 5 

Weather :    Rain          Wind :   North West → South

Air temp 21.0℃      Water temp 22.2℃


Dive site #1 Gorilla chop @ Motobu Entry 10:29 Exit 11:16

Dive time 47min MaxDepth 9.0m AveDepth 5.0m


Dive site #2 Gorilla chop @ Motobu Entry 12:09 Exit 12:56

Dive time 47min MaxDepth 11.0m AveDepth 6.0m




Today is last day of traininig .

Kyle and Lisa are very nice for prepare for diving now .


Only problem is weather , hahahaha.


We met up 0700 at sea wall to ride on the boat for Kerama Island .

However the weather too bad . looks like IMPOSSIBLE .

So we changed dive site at Gorilla chop , 2hours drive from here .


They don't mind and enjoyed the drive way .

Their positive help me and make me happy too .

So this day is not hard actually .


Anyway we did  2 dive at Gorilla chop . About 1st dive , visibility is almost 0m.

I laughed in the water . But after 5min getting better .

We start training here .



Not so much fish than Sunabe , but rare fish is more than Sunabe .


2nd is much better tahn 1st one .

Wave , current and visibility . Everything is good .


Finaly they graduated all sessions !




The lunch is Okinawa Soba restaurant again ( in North )


Thank you so much , Kyle and Lisa .

You are very smart and funny , I really appreciate for your help .

We had a great diving and looking forward to go again !!


Kyle , you are tall and tall nose , own gears makes more fun for your diving .

And your skills are very good ! Let's go more deep deep water next time !!


Lisa , I understood OTAKU can go scuba diving very well .

Summer , less wetsuit means less weights and easy swim for you .

Please come back summer without Typhoon .


Let's keep n touch . See you soon !!



Thank you for reading , See you next time !






今日はKYLEと LISAの ライセンス講習日

二人は準備万端 でも 天気は最悪(笑)





初めからそうすればよかったけども ちょっと時間のロス

それでも 前向きな2人は道中も楽しんでくれました



まぁ 着けば大丈夫かと思えば 波はうねうね 透明度 0

思わず笑っちゃいましたね まぁ 5分も進めばなんとか 明るくなってくれました


ウミウシや ウミヘビ そして オコゼ

砂辺よりも魚は少ないけど 変わったのが多いね

って 分かってるじゃないの さすが 認定ダイバー


ゆっくり休憩して 2本目はいれば 全部がパーフェクト

最後のトレーニングして 無事に 卒業です!!!


二人とも 3日間ありがとう! まだまだ見せたいものがいっぱい








日々精進 和顔愛語

明日は どこへ 潜ろうか。。。
























































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We have an under water tour for English speakers.

You can go Fun diving and Intro diving in Okinawa.

We have many dive sites in Okinawa.

Also we have a certification courses in English.





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