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皆が英語を習うには、このブログは簡単な英語で書かれる。頑張ろう!Darlo comes from the UK and lives in Japan. He lives in Funabashi, which is in Chiba prefecture. What is he doing?

Darlo's Diary-darlo's cold winter

It's snowing! 雪 But I don't like cold weather. England is colder than Japan. According to the weather forecast, Telford, which is my town, is 3 degrees! ペンギン

Soon it will be the Winter holiday. 鏡餅 What will you do in the Winter holiday? I will go to Tokyo and Chiba. I want to see my friends and hang out. 走る人 On Christmas Eve, I will go to Disneyland! I think there will be a lot of people there. 叫び

See you!

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