Live From Tokyo!


I'm in Tokyo! I love big cities. In 2008 I came to Japan as an exchange student. I went to university in Kobe, and I lived in Osaka. Now I live in the countryside in Yamaguchi prefecture. It's very different!

I'm not a very good tourist. In Tokyo I don't know many famous places. I like to go places that have no tourists, like small cafes and so on. However, I did go to Disneyland. It was fun! On Splash Mountain, I did a pose like Usain Bolt!

Darlo Bolt!

Do you like anime? In England we call anime 'cartoons'. But many people still call Japanese cartoons anime. I like anime a lot. Do you know the anime called Lucky Star? Today I went to Washinomiya Shrine in Saitama prefecture. If you watch Lucky Star, you can see Washinomiya Shrine in the opening credits! (at 24 seconds)


Let's Go To Tokyo!


It's the winter holiday! Tomorrow I will go to Tokyo. I will go by plane from Yamaguchi Ube airport to Tokyo Haneda airport. I like flying, but it's very expensive. ATM

In Tokyo I want to go to Torikizoku. Do you know Torikizoku? It's a restaurant which has yummy food. When I lived in Osaka, I went to Torikizoku a lot. Everything is 280 yen. It's cheap and delicious! ナイフとフォーク

On Christmas Eve I will go to Disneyland. I have been to Disneyland in France. It's called Euro-Disney. I'm looking forward to it. I wonder if I will meet Mickey Mouse. はてなマーク

Darlo's Diary


Darlo's Diary-darlo's cold winter

It's snowing! 雪 But I don't like cold weather. England is colder than Japan. According to the weather forecast, Telford, which is my town, is 3 degrees! ペンギン

Soon it will be the Winter holiday. 鏡餅 What will you do in the Winter holiday? I will go to Tokyo and Chiba. I want to see my friends and hang out. 走る人 On Christmas Eve, I will go to Disneyland! I think there will be a lot of people there. 叫び

See you!