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皆が英語を習うには、このブログは簡単な英語で書かれる。頑張ろう!Darlo comes from the UK and lives in Japan. He lives in Funabashi, which is in Chiba prefecture. What is he doing?

In the UK, VAT (消費税) is 20%. For a long time is was 17.5%. In Japan it was 5%, but recently it rose to 8%. Because I was used to a high VAT rate (消費税率) I didn't think 8% was too bad.

But I do have a problem. I don't know many prices now.

Before, the price of an item is the price you must pay. If a t-shirt has a price tag (値札) with 1,500 yen, you will pay 1,500 yen. It was easy. England has the same system (制度/方法).

But now shops have two systems.

System 1. Show the price with tax (税込) and without tax (税抜). This is helpful because you can understand how much you must pay. I think that this system is good. Unfortunately (残念ながら) many shops use System 2.

System 2. Show the price without tax and say "Plus Tax" (+税金). This is not very helpful because it is difficult to understand how much you must pay. If you are not good at maths (算数に上手くない) you must wait until you go to the register (レジ).

I want to know how much I must pay before I go to the register. If I have to look through my wallet (財布) to find money, it wastes (浪費する) time. If there are other customers waiting, it wastes their time too.

Oh! Everything at the 100 yen shop is now 108 yen. The change (おつり) is such a pain!

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I like karaoke. I'm not a very good singer, but it is fun to sing. Sometimes I go to karaoke by myself (一人で). I don't think that it's embarassing.

Have you ever tried Wankara (ワンカラ)? Wankara is a mix of the words "One" and "Karaoke".

At normal karaoke, you have a party room. But at Wankara you have a small room. It looks like a recording studio. The activity is the same as normal karaoke, but it feels more special (特別).

Other people can't hear you because the walls are soundproof (防音). You can only hear with your headphones. This means you don't feel self-conscious (自意識).

If you like singing or karaoke, I recommend Wankara. It can be good practice. You can also buy a CD of your songs.

But how does it sound? I made a video of my singing. The song is called "When a Man Loves a Woman". You can only hear my voice.

I'm sorry! It was very bad!

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Hi everyone. 2 weeks ago, I tried a new sport. It's a combination of golf and frisbee (フライングディスク). It's called Disc-Golf. Do you know it?

This was my first time playing it, so I did not know all of the rules. I also did not know how to throw (投げる) the disc correctly. I know a bit about golf so I tried my best.

The rules are almost the same as golf. However, you do not have clubs, balls or holes. Instead (その代わりに) you have discs. You try to throw the discs into a special basket.

It looked very easy.

When I threw (「投げる」の過去形) the disc, it often turned in the air (空気で) to the left. I often threw it too short because I didn't want to hit (ぶつかる) the people in front of me. In the end, I got better at throwing.

When you play a sport, you should try to follow the rules. I tried very hard, but I was annoyed when other people did not.

I enjoyed disc-golf very much. I think it's much more fun if you are with friends. But by yourself (自分で・一人で) is fun too.

Next week shall I try sumo?

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