"Mirror" screenshots "Daily Mirror" had revealed that Manchester City defender Joleon Lescott ready to have a talk with coach Manuel Pellegrini, look Chileans can guarantee themselves the new season lineup place in order to successfully follow England played the 2014 World Cup, it is likely to be about to turn 31 years old in his last World Cup, so the former Everton defender cherished, if the answer is no, then do not rule out a move to leave idea. Now it seems, wear handsome can not guarantee Lescott main position, because he is more Italian former generals Pepe men .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League cheap man utd shirt 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: jerseysdressingroom.com ! Well,let's continue talking about england football news.. Although bad relationship with Pepe Mourinho has left Real Madrid, but turned out to Guevara, 30-year-old Portuguese international may not have the position at the Bernabeu, "Daily Mirror" reported that Pellegrini hope The Pepe dug Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany and form a new halfback combination, more reassuring couple, preparing for this for a lot of money spending Manchester City transfer fee, and provide a lucrative contract to Pepe. Pepe will be joining in the Premiership after a hostile opponent, such as Macy's to see the back foot Pepe evil through television, immediately called in Portuguese on Twitter is "fool" of Rooney. Real Madrid Pepe failed to keep aware of the possible, but they asking price is not low, when asked about President Florentino intent to acquire Manchester City, said: "Pepe is not in the transfer market this summer will not leave, at least this is my opinion. "But Manchester City are prepared to pay 20 million pounds expensive, even in this big bucks generous club, also rare for the check in a defender to spend so much in the face of Real Madrid will seriously consider this heavily since 2007 when the introduction of Real Madrid Pepe from Porto, but also spent 30 million euros, while Pepe was only 24 years old. Northern rivers and lakes spread Nanpei Pei De Jong said, let go last season, De Jong Manchester City, if they can introduce Pepe, Blue Moon "combat" will be restored. Manchester City this summer's major defense personnel changes may be more than one place, such as in the right back position and are not absolute main defender Richards, it was Bayern Munich, Inter Milan or even invite, not lack of physical fitness in the Italian giants in Europe Excellent England international big club. In addition fullback Kolarov, it may follow the common defected Juventus Tevez, Serbs are even willing to take a pay cut in order to achieve the desire to return to Serie A, but the Serie A title hopes after the first lease-purchase (Terms for the lease expires must buy) way to get Kolarov, but Manchester City do not agree. Frontcourt player wants to leave the club is also no shortage, such as his girlfriend Pornographic storm just hit Sinclair. Chelsea Jiujiang Sinclair 12 months ago only to 6.2 million pounds worth climb from Swansea to Manchester City's portal, but last season at the Blue Moon league played 12 career starts only three games into a ball, playing time only 200 minutes of the 24-year-old is at a career rise of the flying wing is not enough. "The Sun" reported that Sinclair requested Pellegrini allow ourselves to leave on loan, not only because he left three-year contract with Manchester City, but also because just had surgery in the recovery, he also needs more Minutes played back the state. West Brom is the pursuit of his most ardent Premier League club, the team coach Steve - Clark also has a background Stamford Bridge last season, Chelsea borrowed from Loukakou achieved unexpected success, the urgent need to complement the new line of attack bloomers hope Sinclair can play a similar effect. (Santi)