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Dear friends, thank you all the way to our support and love, I wish the tottering steps can spend every spring and summer and autumn and winter to accompany youMPLS VPN. Thank you for giving me the birthday wishes and gifts, drops of ink into the wounds I wish all friends

Wandering in the mountains between the words, overlapping mountains and ravines, rivers and mountains of the round, have a glimpse, endless melancholy to recede, learned a person to see the scenery in the journey, in the bustling behind and stayed a calm heart, listening to the wind thisDoing business in china.

Through life's ups and downs, drank the life of aromatic, wind and rain away, see flowers bloom, strolling, goods world hundred taste, life still have so many friends give me moved and proud, all the way you accompany me to the autumn harvest from the spring of life, from the cool night to fire sun, always eyes with tears, I wish the tottering steps can spend every spring and summer and autumn and winter to accompany youman t shirts sale.

Unlike many kids, I have been afraid of birthday, childhood is always the years cold, birthday always being in the life of the red tape. No dress, no lollipops, not a blessing, accustomed to no hope and surprise days, just grow up. Then grew up own deliberate forgetting his birthday.

Always afraid to fall, not only because it is a sad season, but also because it is cold, wind and rain began, the leaves began to wither, at the foot of the road began to stiff, always think lonely figure will go a long time! My birthday is in late autumn, accompanied by depression, lonelinessfashion women clothing wholesale.

I am a strange person, although not high, but some closed, not bee Wai butterfly around, don't with the flow waves, I like silence, also believe in: talk less, do more than anything, have strong theory. Many under a lamp, I love talking to his own shadow, like dip some ink, his mood smear. My world is very static, static only their rustling office special heart beating and the melody, only belong to my ownManaged Cloud.

The hustle and bustle of the world to ignoring me, past the crowd again and I rub shoulders, the seasons jump it lively and quiet, I in the corner of the years, stuck on the wall walk alone.

How many birthdays, I forgot to drink a bowl of noodles, many birthday, is said to myself: I wish I Happy birthdayfreemax starre pro.

Years of circulation, inadvertently, found around the greeting many, many friends, miss much, so, this season is warm, not to mention be strangers to each other, the vast sea of humanity, into my space is for me the biggest surprise, I don't sound, I can only quietly efforts, will not let her friends down.

Remember someone said my space is not popular, I smiled, yeah, I'm poor communication, more not blandishments, I don't care about fame, just like writing your own text in your sky, so I always rarely speak, but I treat friends, is not high, not publicity, there are friends from afar, I heart to heart, this network is a sun, as you and me, warm.
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