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In the market yesterday, to see bears, I felt a thrill of surprise. The asparagus in my family has been raised for three years, perhaps because of the cold weather last year, it did not survive the winter, watched it every day and look, my wife and I have in mind some distressed and lostembroidery by beads

This time, all of a sudden I bought two asparagus. One is very cheap, the soaring prices of society, only five yuan a bowl; the two is the two of us are like asparagus, like its fragile appearance, like its soft thin branches, like its faint light green, like its just long out of the tender yellow fine bud tips, more like it will grow upward spirit! The true love is just in its soft style! Far looked at it, you would have thought that the evergreen pine tree, it may not pine trees tall and straight, Wei; close it, carefully stroking it to let a person dare not touch the leaves, you can not help think that strong bamboo. I wanted to, is it is a perfect combination of pine and bamboo? It is not,,, who are notInformation Security, it is science, it has its own unique beauty, have their own independent style, frail and strong surface. It is so adorable pathetic! Three is because the children listened to the word that I insight, I bought a small turtle to the child the day before yesterday, don't look at its recoil in fear of appearance, actually quite lovely, look at its gray oval shell there are many green polygons! But the son said: "Mom, why not buy two?" I said: "your satisfaction! Buy you a good!" He said: "a small turtle all alone in the house, too poor! Why didn't I think of that. These days I have been thinking about to give children buy a tortoise! The turtle is also looking for a companion, the child is right, the world will be lonely! So buy asparagus I without thinking on the flower said: 'I bought two pots!" Get those flowers are sensitive to have a look I, I feel shy smile! Oh! How can they understand my feelingsmetal iphone case?

After coming home, I with great care to plant them in the pot, get them on the soft soil, irrigate enough water, placed in the living room, his beautiful enjoy. This can't put them on the balcony, because modern don't like strong light, perhaps they really are too soft, see them, I always think of the weak and sick and always melancholy and moody lin! This flower is my experience of pay cost, because like it, my wife and I also do not know how much to buy Pen Wenzhu, mostly because of my passion, they leave one by one, because it don't like too strong sunlight, also can't always watering, to go with the flow, but also to keep it moist soil! Maybe, sometimes the enthusiasm is also a kind of injury!

I don't know whether they give me face, or as a science is so strong, can understand my heart, until my ceiling, become a unique scenery in my living room! Become a I hope in your heart! I'm looking forward to their future! The life is full of longing! No matter how the future, I will dutifully
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