Heart lengthy



That summer, I often sit in your old bike, you took me to read all the scenery of the city. The park, small bridge, cinema, barbecue, all left our shadow. Some women like to cry in a BMW, and I, but is willing to sit on your bike back to laugh. In those days, I like a proud princess, you have a pet, godlike caress. Holding you send red roses, I smile like summer flowers like gorgeousembroidery by beads.

Remember that year, the cinema is the film "Titanic", we spent one hundred yuan, managed to buy two tickets, just to feel the most touching love story. That night, although I cry eyes were red and swollen, but I felt happy, because I love the people around me, when I cry by his strong arm. After the movie, although we did not say what, but their hearts are more determined this choiceInformation Security.

Countless night, empty streets, we hand in hand, you as I chant Tagore's verse, passionate about your ideal. A rainy day, we Xiangyixiangwei, you for me to read those exquisite article. Every time after, I will be moved by the moving story of tears Ying Ying, you always go to the corner of the eye to wipe my tears. Sunny windless day, we went to the field camera, you can always find the best angle, for me to keep young and beautiful face. In the love time is a poem, a song, let every ordinary day very lively, bright. That is the most wonderful day in my life, without the pressure of life, no trivia trap, no fuel troubles, there are only twometal iphone case, years of quiet.

In four years time in every sweet days hurriedly the past. You silently waiting waiting for me for four years. Four years is not long nor short, foot can be rubbed off a person's patience, also can let a little girl grew up. Four years later, I became your beautiful bride.

Remember, when I got married, we go to visit Mount Lu. On that day, you and I stand together through storm and stress four words before the group photo. Then we may just be content like these four words, but they do not know the true meaning behind it.

Remember, my mother was very ill, you not hesitate to take your passbook, without reservation. Remember, my brother when university tuition fees, living expenses are basically you bear. Once, gave his brother after living expenses, you find no pocket money. That night, you walk twenty miles to get back home. Of these, I only know later.

Remember, because my body is not good, an accident after the abortion, the doctor says that I may not be pregnant. I was extremely sad, can not have a baby for his beloved man is a matter of how painful! However, you will not have any complaints, but love me more than ever, more considerate of me. Each have relatives and friends asked, you say, is their own reasons. Also often comforted me, as long as we love each other, whether to have children no matter. Three years, you accompany me to see a doctor, take medicine, sometimes, you don't even want to see me to take medicine to suffer, but I want to get good. Perhaps it is our love touched by God, and after three years, we have our children. Now, we are a family of three live very happy. Although these things are long gone, you never think that these are what greatness, just a husband should do. But from the little things, and seeing a man honest, kind, also have the responsibility, but also feel your love for me to be consistent from beginning to end.

We walked through the wind and rain, through many thorns, look, see the moon. Through the paper, that cotton, leather marriage ? ? ? spent seven years, over the past ten years. Ten years time, side also married friends is divided and integrated, and we also keep the original oath.
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