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Childhood because his father business a little infection, so very little on the mind is injected into the blood of entrepreneurshipSamsung Note 3 cases. To achieve this step must start from their own literacy.

From my study is good, the top ten of the class, but I like to play, learning is not the most important to me, so I will not put most of their energy on learning. Primary school is like trouble, class is like mescrapbooking storage, like to teacher, when I feel concerned feel good, clever little, you look pleased with oneself. After class to class in girl trouble, sometimes the girl Tiaopi Jin, I went blind jump, interfering with them, deliberately make them angry come running. Because there is beauty running is also a good feeling. Primary school life is so simple, but it is a lot of fun. There are many stories is not one one lists, but when readers do, I believe I should have done.

Slowly to a junior high school, junior high school is more like playing, playing for two years, scores to each department are not test to pass, the third class directly divided into regular classes, we grade 1 classWomen fashion, 7 general classes. Do not know is not class. There are several reasons why the beauty, the third began I began to like the performance of their own, often answer the teacher's question, active power solution, performance is also very fast rise, each monthly exam is first class. Soon after the exam grade in middle of the first semester of school, the examination is very important, because the exam results into the level before sixty, can be directly entered from the regular class to the teacher the best key class, to me is very confident, because the whole school year sixty had my number, just two days too playful so the result directly down. The examination period, the top sixty chart single to see my list, it is happy, direct access to the key class, key class much of what I used to play very good friend, a friend place I regardless of learning or play will be very relaxed. A year and a half to. To succeed in the city the best key high school. At that time the key class like 65 people, of which only about 40 people admitted to junior high school, we were admitted to key high school probability is around 8%, so can test is also home glory. Be praised, go where are the people value respect.

On the focus of high school is a be cynical attitude. The study didn't put in the mind, we always feel sleepy, sleep every day, like the junior high school model, has been playing to the big two. The big three to take an examination of a good university, the results of the intellectual content of far more than high school junior high school, then how to fill all too late, so the college entrance examination from the undergraduate line difference is, the first is to play is not particularly good, second is really their own far behind.

So I choose to read in Guangzhou a not particularly good university, the University of reading in Guangzhou to let me understand it, slowly like the city of Guangzhou, is now very love the city of Guangzhou, if let me choose a full Chinese later life to live, so I am clear will choose Guangzhou. As for why choose Guangzhou, for many reasons, this is not listed, you can have the opportunity to learn about Guangzhou, perhaps some time you will become Guangzhou's lover.

Practice in the first years after graduating from University, during the internship period is very hard, also very happy. But too strong bureaucracy filled in the enterprise, this is not my love of work and life, so I come to find work, when looking for work condition is very simple, if not the bag eats 3500RMB play, now think of why nobody wants me, just into the society of college students is not worth the price, but because of my the goal, then do the work now, I am doesn't like stable working people, is like some challenges, depending on the ability and the technical level of wages. I just want to pay the more the better, preferably tens of thousands or not cap, can only achieve this salary job is to sell. So in my university study specialized industry sales.

But the first half of the year the highest salary reached eight thousand, this is indeed a very let a person to work, though it takes a lot of effort, but the effort is mainly mental. The job I like most, and not by time consuming to paid work.

Engaged in the industry for a year and a half, slowly will have their own entrepreneurial intention, but business planning book has been written, is the money still don't know how to make up, so the first use of six months to a years time, after waiting for sufficient funds began to establish company.

My dream is to have my own company, can cultivate a good team, lead the team to the company the largest and strongest.
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