Heart lengthy



Suddenly, a water vapor eyes, suddenly narrow streams rushing mountain steep, more difficult. The path winds along mountain ridges., ups and downs, a giant cliff wall stagnate into permanent statue, standing in front of the vast Qingyuan, high, routing the faultCraft Storage System.
Look at the top of the cliff, and sky high. Landscape from heaven, Huiyuan Bay, into a jade waterfall, leans the sentiment and diarrhea. Kiss the sky, next outing rock, this world to undertake, with slow rhythm. See a sharp ERON, noisy frolicking, drop from the clouds, falling Jasper lakesamsung mobile accessories.
The mind, a folk song from the heart burst --...... People fall from height, often shortness of breath and grief, the water falls from a height, but in high spirit......
Afternoon, a Qiuyang warm, melting in the red stone gorge cracking on the cliffs, the Chinese the most exquisite bonsai landscape gallery, beauty in the natural beauty in it.
Since the wall top steps down, visitors in the gallery wall line embedded, when a small share of the spring along the Shek Pik diarrhea, scattered skirts, casual clear light, like the beautiful sun rain, wet warm. The landscape through the rocky cliff stone edge, all over the moss.
At the end of the gorge, a pool of clear water clear, sky clouds mapping, deep jade fish, birds wandering.
Cross strait Hongyan confrontation, tree lined, in a bank, has also become a scenery. Because of the mountains and narrow, deep concave surface, beautiful red stone gorge, even in harsh winter, a world of ice and snow Valley, valley spring is in the air.
A river of Bitan, a towel jade ribbon, the four beautiful view. See the White Dragon Waterfall, silver scale snow; see the red bridge, Ling Wan xiu. Visitors are embedded deep into color Hongyan, also a swimming dragon, and the bottom of the area of green Luo the corresponding items, or don't do beauty.
Red troubles in, I am willing to fish, the brook bottom free swimming, blue deep here, through the Tianying, enjoy a thesis.
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