I've never been happier than last night!! It was a very fabulous moment in my life..

Finally, a very special person for me, my favorite football player all the time, the one and only, Michael James Owen, replied my tweet!! And the one thing which made me happier was: "he watched my video!!" the video I made for him on the Valentine's day this year.. I never ever dreamed about this!! It's like a dream came true..

I've became his fan for almost half of my life.. It was on my second grade of junior high school.. He's the one who made me fall in love with football and Liverpool FC. He's different from my other idols. All I can say is: he's the one and he's so important for me. I've never cried over my idols before, and Michael is the only one who can do that, make me cry over him in good and bad times.. He also the one who make me so in love with Liverpool FC. I didn't like football before. I thought it's so boring to see 22 men running over a ball and trying to put that ball into the net for 90 minutes.. I always end up sleeping when I accompany my brother and dad watch a football game.. But, one night, I was lying on my couch all alone and trying to find something good to watch and I didn't know why I chose a football match!! It was English Premier League, a match between Derby County and Liverpool. There was a man on the white jersey who witched me. I couldn't move my eyes from him. My eyes were attracted to see him only!! And that man was Michael Owen.. After that night I became Liverpool fan (because he was a Liverpool player that time) until now, and of course I became his fan too, from that moment until now and will be forever..

$Over The Rain ~ひかりの橋~

Time goes by.. in 2004 he left Liverpool to play for Real Madrid. It was really a heart-breaking moment.. I was really sad.. I never want him to move to another club.. I want him to stay at Liverpool forever.. but he already made a decision.. and I know he already think deeply before took that decision and I must respect his decision.. I told my self to believe in him and keep supporting him.. and that's what I do..

In 2005 he came back to England and I wished he would be back to Anfield, but he didn't cause Liverpool didn't offer him a contract :(( finally he moved to Newcastle United. And after his contract with Newcastle ended he signed a 2 years contract with Manchester United, which is the rival team of Liverpool.. I was shocked!! I couldn't believe he did that, but when I knew the situation he had, I knew that it was a good offer. Even though he's on MU's side right now, I still support him. Liverpool and Michael are my everything..

Finally, on March 23rd, Michael made his twitter account.. I thought it was my opportunity to send a message for him so he would know bout my existence and how much I love him and will always support him all though my life.. I've tweeted him several time, but no reply yet :(( One day my best friend who knows how much I love Michael told me to send him the video I made which I put on youtube.. well, I'm not sure he would see it, cause I know many fans tweet him everyday and it seemed so impossible to have him watch my video.. even though I'm not so sure, it's wrong to try.. and I sent it..

Last night, after watched a dvd, I checked my twitter account and I saw Michael was online.. I didn't know what to tweet to make him reply me.. so I tweet randomly.. then I saw "1 new tweet" notification.. and when I clicked it it was from him!! he replied mine!! and he said he has watched the video I made for him!! Oh my dear God in heaven, thank you so much for this wonderful gift.. I feel so lucky!! Michael is so kind and I feel so proud and honored to be his fan..

$Over The Rain ~ひかりの橋~

I love you, Michael.. Thank you so much for watching my video and replying me.. it really means a lot for me.. (^____^)

今日はHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallowsがリリースされていますよ。アップ

Harry Potterが大好き!

Over The Rain ~ひかりの橋~


Dobby が大好き。とても大好き。
さようなら、Dobby.... (´□`。)