Room 707

(no)where.. searching for my Neverland...



Recycle Compaign is BACK AGAIN!!!


on January 26th (Wednesday) 12:00am to 11:59pm JAPAN TIME

Recycling one item will get you 10 ame candies!!!!!!!!!!

(Originally 1 ame per item...)

This offer will only lasts for 1 day!!!!

So dont miss out on this awesome chance!!!!!!!!!!

How to recycle items??

Please see my old post:
For more details, please see the pics in this webpage↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

Official Blog Post URL:




日本時間 1月26日(週三)凌晨十二點起到晚上十一點五十九分








1) 我的部落格舊文:

2) 官方部落格:


※If you have any question, please leave me a comment and let me know!!!


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※這篇是教大家怎麼在Ameblog上PO YouTube的影片。

※有誰需要中文翻譯的,請不要客氣,留言告訴我。ヽ(● ´ ー ` ●)/


Heyyyyyyyyy guysssss!!!

How's life treating everyone???? I hope all's well♪

It has been a wicked long time since the last Guide.

(I know I'm supposed to post one to teach you guys how to create a club on pigg...orz)


Today let me show you how to post YouTube videos on Ameblog.


Room 707

Open a new entry (blog post).

And find this on the page...


Room 707

Click the Blue Link I circled.

And this little window should pop-up.

Room 707

Click OK.

And the main webpage will refresh and give you a new page...

As it shown here..

Room 707

And then you can start blogging and adding the YouTube Embed code on this new page.

Post the blog, and...



Room 707

BUT!!!! BUT!!!!

There is one thing VERY VERY IMPORTANT that you have to know!!!

Room 707

Sorry for the bad quality...

It says, "What if I already wrote my blog and want to add a video now?"

"Can I click the blue link??"


Once you click OK, your blog will be GONE... NADA!! ZIP!!!


Room 707

In this case, you need to SAVE YOUR ENTRY FIRST...

Very important!!

So, make sure you finished writing your blog, and...
Room 707

Once you click this ↑

A pop-up window will show up...

Room 707

And then you are going to find this "menu bar thingy" on the page...

Room 707

Find the entry that you just did and...

Room 707

When you got back to the edit page,

Now you can click the Blue Link, and you CAN click OK!


Room 707

Dont be surprised if you found out that..

the "new page" you get looks like this....

Room 707
Scary huh??

Dont be scared. It's normal.

Everything is fine LOL

Just copy and paste the YouTube Embed Code, and post the blog.

Now you know why I said to "MAKE SURE YOU ARE FINISHED BLOGGING"

cuz i'm 100% sure that you will have a server headache if you try to edit blog here...LOL

OKAY!! The guide is over!

Can you understand??

If you still have questions, please please leave me a comment.

I will be happy to explain more. (private lesson? LOOOOOOOL just kidding...)

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Many of you might not know..
A new Ame Shop was added.
(Ame Shop means that you can use ame candies to buy stuff!!!!!!)

However, this Ame Shop will only be opened until May 5th.
So don't miss out on your chance!!!!

Here is the place where you can find the shop!
It's not easy to find so please look carefully ne!!

First, find this and click on it.

Room 707

And then SCROLL DOWN to find Osaka!!!

When you get there, you will see the ame shop.

Room 707

゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚ ゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚ ゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚

アメーバピグ スナップショット

(Yay~ I'm the model today!!!

Everyone can get the duck...thingy (xDDDDDDDDDD) for 100 ame candies.
For girls and girls only, you can get this cute blue dress for 100 ame candies!!!

About the lil duck...
It's name is Hachiemon, and it is the mascot for Kansai TV station in the Kinki region.
It is "born" in the year 1995.





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Hello world!!!

How's everyone doing???

Are you happy today??

Best wishes to every one of you!!

Alright so I got a request (thank youuuu, Kanae-channnn!!!).

Sorry for being a lil late of posting this.

Today I'll introduce some basic settings in pigg.

In this tutorial you'll learn how to:

Change your nickname.

Edit your "About me."

Control who can enter your room.

How to turn off/on friend requestion.

How to appear offline when you're online.

How to open/close your message board.

To get to pigg settings, there are 2 ways:
1) Around the upper right corner of your screen, click on this Room 707

2) Click your own pigg. On the pop-up window bottom right corner, click on "設定"

Room 707

Now you should see this popping out.


Room 707

1 Shows your current nickname.

2 Change your current nickname.

Click on it and this window will open up.


Room 707

After you type in your new deplay name, you can scroll down to the buttom of this page and then click SAVE.


Room 707
*This page is actually your Ameblog profile setting page.

So anything you changed here will appear on your Ameblog Room.

I didnt include the whole webpage here, because I want to make it simple.

If anyone would like to know translation about this webpage and how to setup profile here, please let me know and I'll definitely post another tutorial.*

3 Edit "About Me." The content will show in the lil pop-up window when your pigg is clicked.

4 Controling who can enter your room.

When you want to have some private time with some one, or if you're this is a convenient way to lock your room.

5 Turn on or off the Friend Request.

When you get sick of ppl randomly sending you friend request, you can turn it off right here.

6 Show or Hide Online Status.

Pretty much self-explanatory.

7 Open or Lock your message board.

The message board is the little envolope icon; you can find it when you're in your pigg room.

8 Change Pigg Appearance.

Please note that you'll need to "pay" 30 ame candies each time you change the appearance.

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Before I do anyrhing, i just wanna tell you guys that

A NEW SCRATCHCARD IS ADDED!!!!!! (color gray)


Page 2 is finally done!!!!

Yay me~~~ LOL



Room 707

【1】Go to Kyōto (either one is fine).


Room 707

【2】Go to the Newby Plaza (the circled one).


Room 707

【3】Go to Yoyogi Park to meet Gen-san.


Room 707

This is Gen-san. Please click on him to complete this challenge.



Room 707

【4】Go to Teahouse (the circled one).


Room 707

【5】Go to Hokkaidō


Room 707

【6】Send a pigg friend request.

【7】Friend request is approved!

【8】Try to zoom in and out (located somewhere near the upper left corner of your screen).


Room 707

【9】Join a club.

** If you need help joining a club, I happen to have my own club, and i'm willing to help anyone to complete this challenge.

Feel free to search for my club and send a request.

I will approve the request sent from you; however, I will also delete you from the club after.

Please remember to write something in the box for example "I just want the star" or something like that;

I've been receiving many requests to join my NANA club, but i have no idea if they just want to complete this challenge or they really do love NANA...

This kinda annoys me.

So if you can do me a favor just let me know that you only want to get the star, i'm appreciated.

I will NOT approve requests with NO COMMENT/MESSAGE.



這樣我之後才能刪人。(當然啦除非你也是NANA愛好者XDDDD 自然是歡迎加入!!)

自從有了這張挑戰卡,許多人來申請加入但是半個字也沒寫,天知道是真的喜歡NANA還是來亂的(爆 (  ̄っ ̄))


Room 707


Go to the Culb tab, find this pink "search" button and click on it.

Refer to the picture below, this pop-up window should show up and you can just type in NANA and hit the pink button again.

Scroll down a little bit and find "Love for NANA."

That's my club.

Room 707

Don't forget to let me know that you just want to get the star!!!


【10】Follow a friend (When you open the friend list, click this little green man Room 707).
  去找一位朋友。(按小綠人Room 707

【11】Leave a note.

A) In the friend list, click any off-line friend...


Room 707

B) In anyone's room, on the upper left corner of your screen...


Room 707

【12】Whisper to a friend (only apply to on-line friends).


Room 707

【13】Use an item from Pocket.

In order to complete this challenge, you can go to Shibuya/Pepsi places.

Click the ame candy shop (the robot)

Room 707

And buy one of these three.


Room 707

Now click this Pocket icon which is located on the bottom of your screen...

Room 707

【14】Use ame candies to exchange any item in any ame candy shop.

【15】Invite friends to join Pigg.

【16】Complete a scratchcard.


KK... Time to sleep.

The 3rd page..............Oh dear...・°・(ノД`)・°・ SORRYYYYYYY...



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Heyyy, peopleeeee!!
Sorry, I'm not quite done the 2nd Page of the Challenge Card...
The internet connection isn't cooperating now, and i'm sooooooo sleepy (and mad ( ̄∩ ̄#)...
I'll try my best to finish the 2nd and 3rd page by tomorrow same time as now.
I'm terribly sorry for having you wait for another day...(;´Д`)ノ



Room 707
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Hello, world!!! о(ж>▽<)y

It's been a while since the last time I posted guide. LOL

Sorry sorry!! I have not forgot about it!!

So... a new Challenge Card is added to pigg.

If anyone is playing Pico, you might somehow get an idea of what this Challenge Card is.

((btw... sorry I have to say I really don't like Pico... pico users are bad and mean and just totally not cool!!!))

Challenge Card is like a list of missions, or tasks, for you to explore and complete.

After you complete each task, you'll get ame candies as bonus.

First let's see how can we open this Challenge Card...

There are 2 ways.

1) Find this little icon on the upper right corner of your screen and click on it. Room 707

2) Click yourself and click the same icon↓↓

。。。。。Room 707


Room 707


This is the left part of the card.

When you click on any star (or bubble), this will tell you how can you complete this challenge and also how many Ame candies can you get after you complete the challenge.

However, you'll find that some of the challenges dont have these "hints."

Well, that means you'll have to explore and find outキラキラ


Room 707

This is the left part of the card.

It has 3 pages.

Today I'll explain every single star on the FIRST page.

※ I numbered those stars so please refer to the numbers..

※ For some of the "Challenges," I didn't explain in details of how to complete them.

   However, if you have any question, or you dont know how to do this or that, please please leave a comment here. 


【1】Go out somewhere.

【2】Click the "waving action" button (located on the bottum left corner of your screen)

【3】Give someone guppigu (or stars, glitters, whatever you like to call it)

【4】Going into someone's room.
【5】Ring the bell (in someone's room).

【6】Change your outfit.

【7】Move a furniture in your room.

【8】Click the regular shop (located on the bottum right corner of your screen, right next to the scratchcard panda/monster icon)

【9】Scratch the scratchcard.

【10】Take a photo.

【11】Click this Room 707 (located near the top right corner of your screen), write something in the box (see picture below...) and save it.

【12】Click this again, and change the room setting: who can come into your room (see picture below).

Room 707

【13】Use a coupon (or ticket, voucher, whatever you like to call it) to exchange an item.

【14】Go to Shibuya (*does not have to be Shibuya 106!!)

Room 707

【15】Go to Asakusa (pick any one except the one I crossed out; save that one for future use *wink*).

Room 707

【16】Go to okinawa (either one is fine).

Room 707

Okay that's it for today!!

almost 4 am here...T0T

Need to sleep... work tomorrow!!!

I will try to finish the 2nd page by tomorrow night!!!

Have a good one, guys~ラブラブ

See ya and take care!!

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Hail, one receiving grace, the New Scratchcard is with you.

Room 707-new card


Yup. That's right!!

We have a new scratchcard named, "New Life!!" because spring is here!!!!!!1

However, please do remember that...


So... better start it now ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Infomation about how to change your current scratchcard to this new one...

Please click → here

Refer to the picture I posted up there (the beginning of this blog post), you should see the exact same thing on the upper right corner of the pop-up window.

Just click that pink card, and you should be all set!!!!!!

Have fun scratching!!!!








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HELLO, WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

How's everyone????

I hope you have a great day!

Ok, today let's talk about Scratchcards in Pigg.

First of all, the Scratchcards icon looks like a panda, and it is located on the bottom right cornor of your screen.

Each day, you can scratch the card once (but I've heard that if you forgot to scratch, there's a cheating way to scratch twice in one day......目).

For users like me who just doesn't have money (AME G) to buy items, doing scratchcards seems to be the only way to get items.

From scratching the card, you can get items such as Clothes, Shoes, Accessories, Furnitures, Gadgets, Walls, Floors, Windows, Building Blocks, etc.

Room 707-Change Scratchcard 01


Click the Panda icon, and click to change scratch cards.

Room 707-Change Scratchcard 02


Now on this pop-up window, it will show you all the scratchcards you have.

Everyone should have a default card, card001-card010, and a special "Oshougatsu"January card (←as of today).

Okay, so if you don't know that there's a special Oshogatsu card for January...


To switch to the Oshougatsu card, just click on the card (the red one I circled) will do.

On each scratchcard, there are 4 corners.

And the items hiding in those 4 corners are considered to be special items!!!!!!

Those are so called the Corner Items.

Click here for more information on Corner Items

When you finish scratching one card, there will be one extra surprise for you:

the Card-Completed Items.

Click here for more information on Card-completed Items

(*hint hint hint: the red dots are where the Coupons are hiding!!!!!!!!!)

One more thing...

What if you got the same item twice or even three times, and you want to throw one out?? ドンッ

(Or if you're sick of those hideous/ugly furnitures and you want them to disappear forever???) 叫び

Room 707-FittingRoom

For unwanted clothes, shoes, and accessories...

Click the little recycle bin, and X out the unwanted items.

When you're done, just click the recycle bin again.

※The Menu Tabs in English: New Tops Bottom Shoes Jewelry Accessories Others(mainly hats)  

Room 707-Moyougae


For unwanted furnitures, gadgets, walls, windows, floors, and building blocks...

Do it the exact same way.

Click the recycle bin, X out the unwanted items, and click the recycle bin again.

Recycling One Item will get you One Ame Candy!!!!!

Okay~ This is it for today!

If you still don't understand how this works, please let me know.

If anyone wants to know anything about how to use Pigg or Ameblog, please leave a comment to me here, and I will post a guide for you =)

Written upon request!!

Have a great day!!!

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Hello World!!!!!!!!

How's everyone doing today???

I feel so sad about the earth quake happened in Haiti.(ノ_・。)

Please do pray for them.

Alrighty. Today let's look at all the commands you can use on your Pigg avatar!!!

/tatsu (To stand up)
Room 707-未設定

/suwaru (To sit down)】
Room 707-未設定

/nem (To sleep)】
Room 707-未設定

/tatsu/nem (To stand up with eyes closed!!)】

In order to do this, send the/tatsu command FIRST and then send the /nem command.
Room 707-未設定

Room 707-未設定

Room 707-未設定

Room 707-未設定

/nekohebi】 (cat+snake) don't ask me why cause even Japanese ppl don't know why... lol
Room 707-未設定

Room 707-未設定

Room 707-未設定

/angry】 The picutre is kinda blur. Sorry about that... but it looks like this むかっ
Room 707-未設定


Room 707-未設定

Wanna play some Rock Paper and Scissors???

/choki】 Can also be used as a PEACE signチョキ
Room 707-未設定

/goo】 Can also be used when you are pissed and want to punch someone...グー

(No, i'm just joking. It's me who like to use it this way...LOL)
Room 707-未設定

/par】 Can also be used...

1. When you want someone to stop his/her action.

2. When you want to do high five with your Pigutomo (friends)

3. When you are pissed again and want to slap someone in the face.

Room 707-未設定



Whenever your pigg is moving, for example, walking, running, jumping, dancing, etc,

Hit the tab key once. Only once will do. And your pigg's movement will stop.

Quick example... Press TAB key when jumping (the うれしい button, 3rd one from the left)

=Stay in the Middle of the Air

アメーバピグ スナップショット

Have fun trying these new commands and mastering the Tab key!!!

I will teach you some more tricks next time!!!!!!!!

Including how to slide with your BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

If anyone wants to know anything about how to use Pigg or Ameblog, please leave a comment to me here, and I will post a guide for you =)

Written upon request!!

Have a great day!!!

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