This is pretty awesome . Less war, more science please?

Really I'm ridiculously pleased to see the first photos. I can't even begin to imagine how happy and excited the engineers and operators of Curiosity are. NASA deserves each and every cent they get though (and more).

Anyway, can't wait to see more images and all of the information that comes from this!


I spent part of the day playing around with the new My Little Pony toys. Their hair is very hard to style (;^_^A


I'm pretty fond of the way this one came out.

This one, I like her colors.


Another shot of the same two ponies. Probably should have added a different one, but the rest just came out so blah. At least I got all of the weird chemicals out of their hair.

But now, I have a large herd of ponies hanging out in my kitchen. The colors are kind of nice though.