Bye bye winter~~~

Last days of winter with Umi~~~

It is real nice to spend time with her.... 宝石緑

Although it is getting really hard for both of us to meet... I have been busier lately schedulling events for HyperStarlight while participating in a series of events... ショック!

I will talk about them later on...

Anyways, we can always go to Starbucks, and talk about everything, philosophy, arts, gossips, fashion, etc...音譜

Even if we have different opinions, we can live with that, and debate, instead of fighting.... hehehehe アップ

She is my main style icon, and she knows a lot about fashion... Gosh, I would kill for her wardrobe....! 叫び

Anyway... here just a few pics we took together a few weeks ago....! 星

We went to have a drink with other gyaru in the city, and then we went to a friend's B-day party!!~~~ケーキ

ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ
ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ
ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ

Here we were arriving home from the meet~~ Gosh I love her Chanel styled snickers!~~ハート

ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ
ちょこ姫~さん  のブログ

And these two pictures show what I was wearing for the party.... Mostly everything stolen from Umi's wardrobe heheh にひひ

Oh~~~ And I forgot~~~ Please check our new cover video~~ Click click~~

2NE1 - I am the best

Girl's Day - Nothing Lasts Forever