Hi this is my first post...unfortunately i'm still learning the basics for japanese and it will take long until i could completely read the blog and the site.....
Well my first post is related to the photo here...

This is related to a small event held on November 8th. During the morning i had a test at the University so I studied a lot and woke up early. After that i met my friends at the "Las Violetas" cafe and we had a really great time. We were part of a TV interview and we had a lot of fun. Here you can see my friends: (from left to right) Yue, Gosikku and Me (Chocolette).
After that we took the subway (metro) to downtown; there are always a lot of tourists and many of them took a lot of pictures. We were really flattered ^^. Finally we came across to a (hansome ラブラブ!) guy from Hong Kong, who was filming his stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for a Hong Kong TV channel. We were very happy and we had a little interview!!~~ As soon as i have notices i will let you all guys know!! So that day was really marvelous, we had 2 interviews and ride the subway together wearing our cute dresses and spent wonderful hours together!!~~ I will post more pictures as soon as i have more!!~~ Kisses!!~