Long time, no see 久しぶり

Well, it's been a while since I've even logged into here 泣

Things are busy.. but I seem to have things under control. I have 2 more weeks left of school. I have 20 days left in Japan.

It seems that, even though I hate to admit it, I am very much like my mum in times like these. When we go on holiday, she is organised to the max, and cleaning right up until she closes the front door. I gave Sherbet away on the 11th June, and that seemed to be like a breaking point where I felt that I needed to get off my bum and start doing stuff. Every day I give myself little tasks to do; clean out under the sink, sort out which books to take home, which to donate and which to dump, send another package to Frankfurt.. It seems to be going well so far. Any minute now the tatami man should be coming to replace one of my mats. Sherbet completely scratched one of them, and it was completely unfair to leave it in that state for the guy replacing me. When I said that I would be doing that, I was told to ask my board of education because they sometimes pay for that kind of thing. I emailed my supervisor but got no reply. Thinking that I probably wouldn't get money for it, I went ahead and booked. Then she went and told me yesterday that they could have paid for it... but she didn't email me so I didn't know.  Anger!!

Our supervisor changed in April, and the old one was on top of her game- she was sharp and strict but she did the job well. This new one is a lovely lady (she used to work at my school) but is completely unsuited to the job in every day possible. She is a Japanese language teacher so she speaks no English. It is left to me to translate during our monthly meetings for those who do not understand Japanese. She is unaware of everything to do with foreigners living in Japan. and she is completely snowed under with all her duties. The Japanese system is, in my opinion, really nonsensical. People want to be teachers, so they become teachers, but every few years they are forced to move to other schools, or- as in the case of my supervisor- move to work in the board of education. It's my belief that people who like to teach, and are good at teaching, should stay in the classroom. People who like to sit and tap at a computer all day should stay in the office.

But back on topic.. I have found a nice place to live after a long long search. It broke my heart that every time I mentioned that I am in Japan, people stopped contacting me. I hope this doesn't follow me back when I go to live there. I'm nervous about moving. I speak no German... I don't even know if I'll be able to pick it up. I'm still keeping with my Chinese (though I've been slacking in recent weeks) and I'd like to get my French back too. I'm looking forward to walking about a lot; I go by scooter everywhere here. So looking to have a healthier lifestyle is something to keep me going when I feel down. 

I can enjoy some pre-Japan luxuries there such as almond milk, and a wider variety of fruit and veg! Here we only have things that are in season. There are bananas and apples (the size of a baby's head and costs the earth) all year round but right now I can only get; kiwis (including golden kiwis), cherries, melon, grapefruit and melon. I'm not entirely sure what else I could possibly want, but having the same fruit all the time is really boring. There are a few mangoes for sale for ¥2000 each (about 15 pounds).. yeah, like I'm going to be eating those all the time! haha. You can white whine me, I don't mind! People think that the Japanese diet is healthy... it isn't. Japanese food is- a boat load of rice, with something fried, and a side dish of boiled cabbage. If I wasn't careful of what I eat here I'd be eating too many carbs and fried stuff pretty much every day. 

Anyway, that is pretty much what I'm up to right now. I want to keep this blog up again to track my transition to German life. Since Sherbet has been gone I have found that I have a lot more time on my hands than I did before, so it is possible for me to do this now. 
As always you can keep an eye on what I'm up to visually through my Tumblr account- Sherbet and Sparklesあひゃっ