Low carbohydrate diet to reduce body fat by holding down the intake of carbohydrates attracts attention.

I will be effective when I go on a low carbohydrate diet by what kind of method.

The carbohydrates originally take in 200-300 grams a day, but reduce this to 20-40 grams.

As for the body fat, it does not increase fat the surplus of the thing which became the sugar from carbohydrates to reduce carbohydrates; have a meaning.

I confine carbohydrates to 20 g a day as the first stage.

All the carbohydrate energy that is left in the body by continuing it for two weeks is used.

If the second stage begins, I increase the intakes of carbohydrates little by little.

I check the weight diligently and confirm how long the weight increased when I increase carbohydrates.

When I return the quantity of carbohydrates, I am careful to have a diet of vegetables Maine.

Let's be careful not to eat a thing with much quantity of carbohydrates including the white bread and udon suddenly.

The ingredients which I eat other than vegetables, and are OK are an egg, meat, fish.

The dairy products such as the cheese with a few carbohydrates will be good, too.

For sugar, alcohol, please avoid the drink containing caffeine.

The weight is stable and returns a meal if I can reduce the weight according to assumption.

The cakes using polished rice and the sugar are strict prohibition to prevent the weight from increasing.

It is important I fully consume water when I go on a diet of carbohydrates, and to keep a good meal of the nourishment balance in mind.