I totally have no idea why it's been such a long time since my last post.
And my last post was something like "long time no post" so yeah, hahaha...

So. As you probably know or don't know I am totally into EXO these days.
Why? Because they are just such idiots that I can't even explain in one post.

I have no words for Taoris...

Idk why Kris is doing this to me...

But no, they can be allright and serious if the want to

A friend gave me Exo-M's album MAMA as a present some weeks ago and I'm currently waiting for Exo-K's to be shipped - I'm really excited ドキドキ

Furthermore I can't wait for Exo to have their comeback. Like is there any other band who doesn't have their comeback after 10 months? Or a band who's fed up with playing the same 2 songs for 10 months? I have no words. I just wait here. And I'm trying to stay calm.

Dancing, party and dancing again

Hi there!

Yesterday was a stressful but great day. I was at home from school about 4pm and then I had to hurry for changing clothes etc. Dancing show in the town hall, we were the last item on the progamme.

But well, after that it was really fun to party with friends from my new school. A girl who I really like has to transfer to a different school because of her German knowlege (she comes from Croatia) and yeah, a friend and me organized a surprise party for her. It was a success and we had a lot of fun I think.

A few hours ago I had to help in the gym placing all the tables, chairs and balloons for the show tonight. Knotting balloons is a pain in the as, really. むかっ

I tripped this week and now I got a lot of bruises on my knees and there is that part in the show dance where we have to crawl on the ground. I tried it today and it was such a pain. Help me ガーン

Sorry for grammar mistakes etc, I can't really build sentences in English today haha. Gotta take a bath now. Bye 音譜