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Editor's Preface ______________ u0026 # 61 596 ; u0026 # 61; 597 ______________ every few years some articles from newspapers or magazines are published, or perhaps a air television documentaries, trying to dirty operations called white slavery suspension of the activity: the illegal trafficking of women to a life of exploitation and forced prostitution is sold most cases, these reports cruelty of the slave trade and the terrible conditions and often under brutal. unfortunate that these women live and work, while focusing to that achieved in the fourth seedy brothels of Cambodia, India and Turkey. It may be the occasional report of a police raid on a prostitution ring relatively small in the United States, where a dozen or more young women helpless, usually from Mexico and other Latin American countries, was quietly turning world's oldest profession , in will be a pervasive climate of fear - fear of beatings, hunger, or mPray often than not simply a fear of arrest and deportation - but these accounts are rare, by far the most common image of the modern white slavery, as documented by the media is that of a savage underworld and wild, where women are bought and sold like cattle and forced to provide sexual services while imprisoned in the many dirty, full of disease that brothels throw away damaged parts of the biggest cities in the southeast Asia and the Middle East. exotic stories of women young and beautiful Arabian stallions spirit kidnapped treated as lovers in a waste - harems appointed by the Middle East under the spell of a pretty boy live in the desert prince, are the subject of romance novels. Many victims of sexual slavery, despair, especially in poor rural areas of Moldova, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union in the sex trade with vague promises of large sums of money to be earned abroad, the doing housework or attracted OTHER at home. Most are abducted by force - from their homes, their schools, local restaurants and shops, or even as you walk alone through the streets of the city - and then are drugged or n beaten into submission. Especially in the underdeveloped countries of Asia, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia, a significant number of prepubescent girls to sex traffickers are sold - often by an uncle or a grandparent, neighbor, or maybe a trusted friend family - and once acquired these unfortunate children are repeatedly forced to perform sexual acts long before he reached puberty. women and girls into sexual slavery at any time rather than live under the full command of his captors. In general are poorly clothed and fed, they receive little or no medical care, and are often beaten and tortured in order to ensure their obedience and their feelings of humiliation and absolute gainHopelessness. The mortality rate among the victims of white slavery is staggering: Only a few women in their thirties survive the physical and sexual abuse, they face daily, and those who believe, fear must flee the brothel mental physically, often still drawn to her life. Official estimates vary, but 1. 2 to 2 million women and girls are currently in prison, probably as sex slaves in the world in place, but despite the combined efforts of several international humanitarian organizations as AFESIP ( Agir pour les Femmes en Situation before, Cairo, or action for women in distressing circumstances ), the garden project in the United Kingdom, and the OSCE ( Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe ), unfortunately only a relatively small number of women over the years were successfully rescued their cruel life of sexual slavery. This is indeed the face of the modern slave trade in the 21st Century, as shown so far by the international media. As shocking as the images can be presented, however, and certainly as disturbing as the video, said accounts to us by the surviving victims of sexual slavery, has been studied in / sight, these reports do not reflect the only way in which, for profit, women and young girls are sexually abused systematically on an institutional basis. Until recently, even the existence of some large and well-organized and well financed, on the sexual exploitation of women is based remains a closely guarded secret known only to a very select group of the most rich and powerful world. The following exclusive report will examine in / sight, as a highly profitable company, known simply as Isle Royale. The adoption of this story turned out to be young porn difficult and frustrating and time consuming. Our correspondent, whose identity has not been retained in his express request, his research began seven years agoaccount of incomplete stories that rural people of Russia and Ukraine of several young children female that have been stolen from their homes and families, never to be seen again. Despite repeated official denials of the residents of our correspondent down and follow a winding and often dangerous path that eventually led him to India, Thailand and Vietnam in Southeast Asia, such as n, as well as Spain, Poland, Turkey and other countries in Europe and the Middle East. The meeting on the road seemingly endless false leads and periodic threats to personal safety, yet stubbornly n. Our correspondent breakthrough finally came with a chance meeting in Cairo, Egypt, with a local sex traffickers, who in turn had introduced him to another marketer of women only as Yusuf. Yusuf told very little, but a few days later, an unidentified Western contact our correspondent in his hotel and ordered him back to New Orleans, tthat the United States, where he was a car was coming, waiting for him. Not knowing what to expect, but after being assured that [d ] to be answered all the questions on arrival, our correspondent did as instructed, and was actually at the airport by a black sedan and bland to meet her mysterious male passenger. Soon he was aboard a private jet, and when I was flying over the Gulf of Mexico, an invitation to the extraordinary to document in detail what is without doubt the most organized and lucrative brothel in the world. N In its report the following.
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