If you want to seek an expert advice on your acne problem, the best person to help you would be a reliable dermatologist. Not all those annoying spots you see accumulating on your facial skin is considered acne, only your dermatologist can exactly tell the difference and point it out to you. Knowing exactly what they are will help you determine the best solution to take to remedy them.

Dermatologists have been so concerned about the nature of acne itself, what causes them and how to deal with them for good. If you have a severe acne problem or perhaps they have persisted for so long and none of the natural remedies you try seems to work, probably the best course of action you should take is to consult at least 2 or more dermatologists and seek their professional opinion. By this time then you should have a good idea of your skin condition if they have a consensus of what really they are, thus you would be given the right kind of medication for acne to take by your attending dermatologist.

But if you have done this before and still your acne problem persists, despite the acne medications you’ve taken so far as prescribed by your Derma then there is still something you can do. Not all the time that you need to follow what your dermatologists would advise you to take. Remember that pharmaceutical companies often go to their clinics offering them their new range of products or perhaps they have enhanced their formulation to make it even better. It is also likely that these companies have offered these dermatologists a good amount of commission if they offer their products to their patients. If that is the case then you know that this particular dentist is not at all that objective in offering you a particular brand of acne medication to use.

Going back to what I am discussing earlier, once you’ve verified that what you have is indeed acne and you lost confidence in what your dermatologist has to say that you should take to remedy it you may want to research for a possible solution from the Web. Definitely you will in forums people who have had the kind acne problem like, sharing their story as well as the acne medications they took to solve their acne issues. To get the best possible product to use, compile at least the top 5 anti acne treatments they might have mentioned and from there choose the best one with the most number of people who tried and worked for them. There is also that possibility that your dermatologist might recommend the same product to you, but having it checked from other people who have used it and vouched for their effectiveness is one guarantee that you can hold on to that it will probably work on your acne as well.
Soliciting advice from non-professionals such as the cashier you know in a local pharmacy is not always a good and practical thing to do. They might suggest a really good product that you can try, but the thing is they lack the needed skills to know exactly what will work best for the kind of acne condition that you have. If you want to make sure that a particular acne medication is good to use, you may want to read or hear some testimonials from people who have tried the same product item and had their desired results in the end.

It is always best to look for a dermatologist that you can really rely on. If you deem it necessary, you can do a background check on him and see how many years he has been practicing his craft, the citations he received or the awards he was given. All these would put a lot to making him a dependable person you want to rely on, in terms of your skin care needs. Once you have found such kind of dermatologist, whom you know has a good reputation that he wanted to take care of you can trust that he will not give or recommend to you a product that has a shady character on it. Choosing the right kind of a dermatologist to help you with your acne problems should not be based merely on his name, but to what he has behind it. As far as having a good dermatologist is concerned, most of the good ones I’ve encountered in the past would actually give their patients one or another form of encouragement assuring them that they are with them in their battle against acne.
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