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SHINTARO is a drummer, sound composer, song composer, lyricist and artist from Japan.

While in Junior High School, SHINTARO and guitarist DIE formed STYLE. After some member-changes, TAKA joined on vocals and SHOJI on bass. After several live performances in his home town, SHINTARO decided to move to the capital alone, seeking new band members and a more stimulating environment for his band activities.

In order to find new band members as well as possible live houses for future activities, SHINTARO brought his band's music and selfmade flyers to various places, which became his everyday life for a while.

After some time, vocalist TAKA and guitarist DIE also moved to the capital. At that time, bassist SHOJI already retired from music activities. However, through not being used to the environment and the difficulty of starting a band, members TAKA and DIE also retired from music activities. Losing his bandmembers, SHINTARO had to start being a support-drummer for various other bands.

Later, he met EMIRU, originally from LAREINE, and they formed ANUBIS. After CD releases, several events and even a nation-wide tour, guitarists HARUNA and HAKU decided to withdraw. Although they could find a new guitarist SAYO, as the vocalist YUKIKI decided to withdraw the band was dissolved. Alone again, SHINTARO started to look for new members anew and his daily life proceeded with meeting with divers artists and doing several sessions in rehearsal studios.

Meanwhile, he was introduced to vocalist LION by the aquainted bassist MAKOTO. With the intuition of having found the ideal vocalist, SHINTARO immediatly hurries to form a new band, which resulted in MAKOTO on bass, KURO and DAI on guitar and LION on vocals.

However, in the stage of preparing the band, guitarist DAI decided to withdraw, which unfortunately resulted in KURO leaving as well. In a very troubling situation but with determination, they restarted to look for members. Finally, they found KENTO and LION's friend ZENO for the guitar, so that as LION, KENTO, ZENO, MAKOTO and SHINTARO, they formed the 5 member band called BLACK CAT.

BLACK CAT was the most energetic band in SHINTARO's long band-life, with of course CD releases, but also online distribution, TV appearances, magazine interviews and a nation wide tour; their band activities developed into a wide range in various fields.

However, as the band's leader, SHINTARO had to take responsibility and was forced to retire from the band at it's popularity peak in November 2012 due to financial problems with the affiliated office. Although the other members had continued BLACK CAT's activities, they disbanded in April 2013.

Currently, the 5 members vocalist LION, guitarist NAO, ZENO, bassist DAIKI and drummer SHINTARO formed a new band and finished recording their first songs in fall of 2014. The band's name is still private.

And now, he is working for aiolost with them.



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