A Panerai watch will accompany famous South African explorer Mike Horn because he undertakes the colossal Pangaea Mission--a 4-year transcontinental and oceanic expedition that will cover 100,000 kilometers. Horn's journey will require him across an impressive variety of terrain including oceans, ponds, rivers, mountain tops, jungle, tundra, desert and fields of ice. A similarly diverse selection of techniques will be familiar with cover these components, including travel by feet, cycling, paragliding, kayaking, skiing, sailing, and a variety of creatures--including camels, tigers, and sled-dogs.
Named after an old super-region, the Pangaea Expedition seeks to advertise environment awareness, along with a upkeep of the world for decades in the future. The exploits from the smart Mike Horn, 42, happen to be well-recorded included in this are Latitude Zero, an 18-month circumnavigation of the Panerai Power Reserve world round the equator, and also the Arktos Expedition, by which Horn circumnavigated the Arctic Circle panerai luminor solo inside a 27 month period. Consequently of his pioneering spirit and amazing achievements, Horn is recognized as by many people to become the finest explorer from the modern day.
Leaving comments around the Pangaea expedition, Horn mentioned: ��I wish to share my knowledge about future decades to allow them to find solutions and ultimately a sincere balance between character and mankind. This is actually the most enjoyable venture I've carried out. By working with effort, resourcefulness, drive and courage, we are able to complement one another and discover new energy of hope and ambition. Together we are able to tap the world��s most effective power source �C the more youthful generation.��
The Pangaea Expedition starts on October ninth, 2008. Horn's 35-meter vessel "Pangaea" will sail from Punta Arenas, Chile to Antarctica. After that, Horn will trek towards the south Pole, as well as on Australasia, China, and Russia. Moving forward towards the North Pole, across Greenland and North and South Usa, the Pangaea Expedition will ultimately arrived at its finish back where it began, in Punta Arenas, Chile.
On Horn's wrist with the journey, is going to be Panerai's self-winding Luminor Submersible Depth Gauge watch, that provides an important digitally-controlled depth gauge whose precision continues to be licensed by METAS. Additional sponsors active in the Pangaea Expedition include Mercedes-Benz, Geberit, and Mrs. Gaynor Rupert, wife of Richemont Executive Chairman Johann Rupert.
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