Do you wanna die without a scar?

It's been ages since I last wrote a normal blog but well... 
Right now I'm busy (or when I'm not busy, I'm just lazy) because it's the end of the semester and this means: exam time ビックリマーク
Luckily I have just two exams this semester and there is a month between those two.
My first one was my history exam which was on Saturday.
Unfortunately, Saturday was a snow-day which means it was cold and of course the teachers needed forever to show up雪の結晶
By the time I could feel my toes again I already finished the exam ガーン
Now I have enough time to prepare for my Japanese exam
Right now I try to repeat the vocabulary daily, but I need to make Anki-flash cards for the vocabulary of みんなの日本語2, but this is my project for the weekend .
Furthermore, I'm reviewing the mistakes I made while translating 

After the exam I have another project to become better in Japanese: I will take part in a tandem-project , which means I will teach a Japanese student German while he teaches me some Japanese 音譜
Maybe I will even find some new friends ニコニコ

But still... I would love to write blogs in Japanese, but I don't think I can express my feelings perfectly in Japanese . I'm sorry 
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