Snow <3

Hello readers (?)
I am boringù_ú
Then I tell u my interesting and lovely lifeえへっXD

Two days ago, I go to see the snow 雪の結晶 near my town家 with Suzu and my parentsドキドキ
We do a big snowmanSnow Man. I think his name it''s "Copito"ラブラブ

Making the snowmanにひひ
The resultぺこ
Yes!,I'm too lazy and I put the photos from my blog!ガクリ
VISIT IT!べーっだ!

In the next entry: Japan Weekend 音譜

Tomorrow I've got classムンクの叫び

And remember Have a lovely day!ラブ

By the queen Ayuマドプー


Long time~

Hi again ^O^
How are u?
I'm very lazy .I was very busy XD
I am happy cause my circle lenses arrived!
I need holidays!


Me meooooo XD
I hope the week will be good!:3
I don't like Mondays (8)

Merry Xmas!


I wish you a merry xmas,I wish you a merry xmas,I wish you a merry xmas and a happy new year クリスマスツリー


I am happy 'cause tomorrow it's Christmas day サンタ

I hope that tomorrow it will be a special daymusical note

I am watching a korean dorama entlited: "You're beautiful"

Relate the story of a group called A.N.JELL

Go Mi Nam is a girl in secret.She loves Tae Kyung はーと

It's a beatiful love storyラブラブ!

I love the songs.They are great!

Today was a boring day かお

I was seeing the dorama and going to walk with my mum!

Suzu was buying Christmas ornaments and she don't meet with meダウン

I hope see her tomorrowアップ

I see a big Winnie The PoohPooh

And I do a photo <3

It was adorable!ラブラブ

Have a kawaii and happy day!