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2011-10-23 09:41:24

New blog

Ryu forced me to do / made me a new blog.... So from here on I'll update it more or less XD
I still could change the layout a little but..

You can find it HERE
2011-06-20 04:16:30



After a looooong time :'D yeah I don't really have anything to say but decided to update anyway XD


This week has been so much fun sewing with Ryu...........Oh god I didn't remember that we are so stupid.
I don't actually know which was better, sewing or wearing our costumes :''D


And here are some _absolutelyfuckingfabulousqualityphotoshoot_ pictures :-)

 .....I guess I should already give up and realize that my face just isn't made for pictures :C


And that is the place where I've spent most of my time XD
I love sleeping with Kaito<3

2011-01-21 11:18:27


I got kicked in the ass. By Ryu.
( Happy now Mr. Stranger on formspring? ;---D )

Oh well, as usually I have just mostly been doing nothing, so there isn't really that much to write about.
But sometimes it's just the best to do nothing in the right company<3

But! If something, due to Dr. Ryundévsky Anthóny Tabavesclugachkov's researches, I have finally found my true self and my own race..........


#287 Slakoth
Slacker Pokémon
It sleeps for 20 hours every day. Making drowsy those that see it is one of its abilities.
Slakoth can only attack once every two turns.
Ability: Truant
Attacks: Yawn, Slack off, Covet, Amnesia, Rest, Snore, Sleep talk, Frustration....

........As sad as it is I think that no one has ever described me better. :'D

(or actually I'm having a small identity crisis because I can relate so well also to Abra, as it sleeps 18 hours and always teleports away from people.....)

No, I'm not really thinking that I am a Pokemon..............But yes, I think that I might be a little drunk atm.


I'm also having a slight hair crisis so I ended up putting violet here and there . . . . . I liked it until I realized that pink would look so much better. : /


......Nearly the only memory of last weekend........


I like this picture. Because it actually made me wake up to the fact that maybe it would be healthy to lose a few kg.......
When I look my legs the only thing that I can think of is.............


Okay maybe I'll stop here before this gets any worse and was there even a point in this entry.........? .:'D maybe I'll avoid ameba around 5am. And maybe I'll go and get some more tequila. -->


Yaaaaaaaay only few hours left until my exciting adventure can begin!! *___*
Even though in my opinion Christmas presents should come to me, I shouldn't be the one to go and get them :-----(

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