CNBLUEが届けるオルタナティブサウンドの最新版、2ndミニアルバム。 前作からガラっとイメージが変わり、新たなCNBLUEの一面を見ることができる作品。全5曲入り。
タイトル曲「voice」はCNBLUE初の日本語詞の楽曲。ジョンヒョンがメインボーカルを取っている。淡々とした雰囲気のある導入部分と、サビでの盛り上がりのギャップが印象的な「Wanna Be Like U」は、ビートルズなどの懐かしいバンドサウンドを連想させる作品。今作で最もアップテンポで勢いの感じられる「Never too late」はジョンヒョンの作曲によるもの。そして、今回唯一のバラードナンバーの「Y,Why...」はどこか哀愁の漂うメロディーが心に響く。ヨンファが作詞、作曲を担当。最後に、ピアノのフレーズで始まる「One of a kind」は優しいメロディーが印象的。今作の締めくくりに相応しいミディアムナンバーとなっている。

「VOICE」CNBLUE JAPAN 2nd mini album 2009.11.25

1. voice
2. Wanna Be Like U
3. Never too late
4. Y,Why...
5. One of a kind

1. Voice


差し出す手は空振り No No!!

背中のさざ波 潤んだ街並み

空に放つ声 追い風に乗れ
秘めた願いが 確かな想いが
そう届くなら 響くなら

はっきりとした感覚 Go Go!!

瞳を合わせて 吸い込むため息

重なり合う声 さあ言葉になれ
秘めた願いが 確かな想いが
そう胸の中 宿るから
Sou mune no naka yadoru kara
Surely because its dwelling within one’s heart
Ima koko ni umareru sutoorii
The story which is produced here right now


空に放つ声 追い風に乗れ
秘めた願いが 確かな想いが
そう届くなら 響くなら

2. Wanna Be Like You

Let’s make a run from all we know
We’ll find a way and get back stronger again
Too many times I’ve wondered why
I feel ashamed only to be around

I’m living a lie, but trying to find a way
Out of this

I wanna feel I wanna bleed
I wanna live like there’s no tomorrow
I wanna scream out in the night
I wanna make love like there’s no tomorrow
I wanna be like you

Let’s run away into the dark
We’ll find a light and get back stronger again
I’ll get around I’ll come around
I’ll stay awake cause I am dying for more

Been living a lie more than a lifetime
Now I see

3. Never Too Late

U said me why you live so boring it maybe so right, didn’t denial
I wanna make a time to seek me alone just I wanna keeping on my step
You come up in front of me wonder in my eyes
I know that how wonder brilliant things are in my life

It makes me changed all because I have a dream that is a song for U
I can a sing a song till to the end

If I can’t meet u still, forever
I don’t know what will be happen to me now
I know that it something most important now yes that is you
Even if slow compared with other one, it doesn’t matter anymore to me
It is a timely encounter of destiny it’s never too late

I say u listen to my breathing
It is a belief of dreaming yeah certainly
I won’t be I’m in the past anymore. Former trivial everyday
Was practice of the purpose which can meet you at all
I wanna shout and unbearable to the anymore


4. Y, Why…

I know I’ve fallen in love when you’re coming down to my eyes
Wanna make you, wanna feel the beauty as you are
Girl, I wanna tell you some I’m not a man who say in lie
Wanna love you I wanna hold you can you be the part of my life

You can have it your way girl if you mind
I don’t wanna bend you girl all the life all the life

I’ll feel your love forever I wanna know your feeling
This feeling is so true girl, I’ll need your love forever
I can feel your heart so please breathe with me forever

If you wanna one time
I gotta give you more than whenever wanna some thang
I’m gonna with you somewhere
I gotta show you what I’m gonna do when your eyes contact to me
It doesn’t work it out you know too hard to breathe it
Baby I love you indeed Nothing is lie we need
I can’t see it any teardropin’ on your face, girl
I just wanna say I love it


When you come in my life see my eyes
My life is never the same
My eyes tell you truth I wanna live in your life


5. One of a Kind

On the floor, you’re moving in a way I can’t ignore
I’m in heat, I caught a glimpse and now I’m at your feet

I can’t escape it, there’s nowhere to hide
This feelin’ I got I can’t deny
I don’t know your name but it’s all the same
Coz I can feel your heart and now I’m sure

Don’t you know, there’s nothing I can do
I gotta get to know you
I have to see this through I want it all
I gotta let you know, this feeling is so true
Coz I know that you’re one of a kind
And I can’t get you out of my mind

All alone, thought I was doing better on my own
Then you came, and now my life will never be the same no~ no~


What would you say if I was to walk up to you
Would you feel the same if I told you this feeling is true
I wonder what would you do

Don’t you know there’s nothing I can do
I gotta get to know you

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