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Ouya Game Jam yields nearly 200 title prototypes
The Ouya game console.(Credit:Ouya)Ouya gamers could see a decent selection of titles make their way to the open-source console.The Ouya Game Jam was a 10-day event for developers to create titles for the console. According to Ouya, which posted the results on Kill Screen, nearly 200 games were created for the console during the event. The titles include anything from zombie pirates and demented toys to death squads and scuffling snowmen.Related storiesGameStick portable gaming console cruises on KickstarterOuya game consoles now on their way to developersAndroid-based Ouya game console shipping soonKickstarter makes its way to the U.K.Ouya console ends Kickstarter campaign $8.5 million richerPerhaps the most important element in rs power leveling the entries -- and the feature that drove so many to support Ouya in the first place -- is that the games were created by small development houses or individuals. Unlike the rest of the game industry, which is dominated by major publishers, Ouya promises more diversity.Ouya gained fame as a Kickstarter crowdfunding project that received $8.5 million in pledges. The Android-based console, which is connected to a television, is designed to allow hackers to do what they wish.With the entries now in place, Ouya will evaluate the titles. On February 11, the company will announce finalists and show off the winners on February 18. The grand prize is $20,000, plus an extra $5,000 if the title launches on the Ouya console. Category winners will win $5,000 each plus an extra $1,000 at launch.(Via Polygon)
Ouya Game Jam yields nearly 200 title runescape power leveling prototypes
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