but I don't speak and write Japanese (T_T)
I'll talk about my passions and my country, FRANCE!!!

As expected, the Christmas chocolates were discounted. 50%!!!!!!!
But, everyone already bought the most part of the stock.
I could buy some of them too!!!!
The biggest one is for my colleagues!
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The best thing during Christmas is to have a lot of chocalate to eat!
At home! At work! Everywhere!
And my favorite are "Ferrero Rocher" ドキドキ
Tomorrow, I have to go shopping, and I think I'll buy more chocolates because the shops are liquidated all their Christmas stocks. With very interesting discounts!!!!!
No, Christmas isn't finished at all!!!!!!!!!!
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Goodbye 2011!
That year went so fast, as each year!
With the good things, with the bad things, we lived that year the best we can.

Welcome 2012!
A new year is starting!
We continue to live and do our best.

For December 31st, I celebrated Christmas with my mother and sister (like birthdays, we never celebrate the good day XD).
For January 1st, we went to see the grave of my grandfather. Today, it was a warm day. Not just in Paris, but everywhere in France. The sun was warm and the clouds were just present to show to us a good-looking sky.
These last days were strange for me. I didn't feel the end of the year. I didn't care about Christmas at all, the weather wasn't too cold. And the new year is now here. Well, I think I'll need some time to realize we are in 2012 XD

Happy New Year!!!
Bonne année!!!
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