ドーラの(そして私の)誕生日はこんしゅうだ! それも気づかなかった!! (・_・;)

このあいだ、ドーラとヘニと一緒にGellért-hegyに行った。ドーラはたくさん写真 をとった。(*⌒∇⌒*)

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今Stephen Kingの本 (IT) を読みます。 「また Stephen King?? haha」


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私は読むことが本当に好きだ。 でもたくさん人は読むことがきらいです。。。

今少し英語で書きます、 ごめんね ガーン

I think I can't express my thoughts well in Japanese and I really want to write about some good books a little bit, so this post will be a semi-english one.

I always liked books and I wanted to share some writers, hungarians and non hungarians too.

First of all, are there any known hungarian writers in Japan? (Petőfi, Arany, Örkény, Ady, Kertész maybe?)
I'm just curious.

I really like Örkény. This year was his 100th anniversary. He is famous about his "One minute stories" and "Tóték (ザトートファミリー)". We went to an exhibition and I saw a Japanese poster about it. (´∀`)
Here is a good website, if anyone interested in him, there are some one-minute stories on it.

Then... Mikszáth and Móricz are really interesting too. I don't know if they are interesting to foreign people as well, but I like the stories because they aren't ordenary and they can be kinda shocking. (Örkény too) Oh, and Csáth Géza . He is really unknown but he had a crazy mind.

Petőfi is really famous. I'm sure there are some of his works transleted to Japanese. But mainly that's why I don't really like his writings... "Apostol" is not bad, but I think he was too full of himself. (^_^;)

Well, there are many more, but I think this will be enough for now... (笑)

Then... non-hungarians.
I once posted about Orwell, 1984. I liked it because it's soo real and that's why it's schoking.

Daniel Defoe - Robinson . Most likely people hate this book. When I first read it I hated it too, I think I was too young that time. But I read it again two years ago and I think it's great.

I like realism. Mainly I think realisticly too (what people HATE, haha). Russian realism is a masterpiece too. Gogol , Tolstoy , Chekhov , they are all great..

Then there are the fantasy and other books too. I looove The Lord of The Ring, Dexter series Dan Brown, Stephen King....etc.

Oh, and I almost forgot about Rejtő Jenő . He is a hungarian writer (with a lot of other names too). His sotires are really ironic and funny. You can't read it without laughing.

Well, I'm really sorry about the really long and english post, but I had to write this, haha. I don't think anyone will read it but if there is someone who will, then ありがとう!! ラブラブ
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本当に嬉しいです~ ニコニコ



これからしごとを探してなければなりません。 (`Δ´)
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