"What is Hip?" in Japan from Japanese ex-frontdesk manager

I'm in charge of Serviced apartment in Shinagawa for the foreign country's customer. I support to find the information something worthwhile for your staying In Japan. Sightseeing, Entertainment, Music, Food, Restaurant, etc...


I got German cooking and wine lessons from my German friend Knecht-san,

so I really like German wine and dishes so much.

He taught me how to cook Schwabian dishes and how to enjoy German wine

while his staying at Apartments33.

But, it is so difficult to find good German wine in Tokyo.

I prefer dry Riesling so much, but most of German white wines are quite


My friend Nakaya-san told me "I found good German wine place in Akasaka!".

I checked their website, and I got so much feeling, want tocome to there ASAP!

Sou-san he is the chef of Yuun, he strikes the dishes for good Riesling wine

very nicely. Every dishes made us feel so good.

He is originaly from Italian chef, but his choices are targeted to our exact center

zone to feel nice marriage!

Tomooka-san he is the manager and his sister doing this place.

Their service, smiles are awesome to catch up our heart all the time.

Suenaga-san's very kind service, and explanations made us happy too!

"What is Hip?" in Japan from Japanese frontdesk manager
I can say, they are awesome team!

Especially, I really like the wine from Franken. It is amazing to pull the goodness

of the dishes. No, Sou-san also attack the good point of Franken Riesling wine!

"What is Hip?" in Japan from Japanese frontdesk manager

"What is Hip?" in Japan from Japanese frontdesk manager

I could feel very nice with their friendly but also wonderful services.

This is the one of the best wine bar in Tokyo for me now!

See you then!

Takahiko Saito

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