Fri, June 08, 2012

Ramen called Jirou school

テーマ:Food information

After doing YOGA, I went to have a Ramen called Dai they are from the school of Jirou Ramen.
We can order some options, for garlic, how much vege,just after the noodle has cooked.
This amount of vege seems healthy, but it also contains so much lard.

If you never tried this Ramen,you should try once!!

Remember,take black oolong tea to reduce its fat after having this dangerous dish!!

See you then!!
Takahiko Saito

Tue, June 05, 2012

Thai event at Apartments33!

テーマ:Apartments33 party!

My friend FU-san she used to worked at Apartments33,

she brought so much ingredients of Thai food from her

home country Thailand!!

"What is Hip?" in Japan from Japanese frontdesk manager

I will try to cook best Thai food too!!

Maybe I can be the international chef soon! ;)

Our party organized by the so many people' supports

and warm heart!!!!!

See you then!

Takahiko Saito

Sat, June 02, 2012

My body

テーマ:Going out!

"What is Hip?" in Japan from Japanese frontdesk manager

I could measured my body’s body composition,

how much I have muscles, body fat…

I have so much muscle like athlete now.

I could lose my fat about 4 kilos, but I could get about

4 kilos of muscles….

Thanks to Yoga and Pilates, and cooking!!

I do not why, I got so much on my right hand!

Anyway, see you then!

Takahiko Saito







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