"What is Hip?" in Japan from Japanese ex-frontdesk manager

I'm in charge of Serviced apartment in Shinagawa for the foreign country's customer. I support to find the information something worthwhile for your staying In Japan. Sightseeing, Entertainment, Music, Food, Restaurant, etc...


Recently, I really like to have Soba so much.

Most of the people know the famous soba place is Nagano.

But there are several place with good quality soba place in Japan.

When I go back to my hometown Sendai to snowboarding

to Yamagata Zao Mt, my old friend Masaaki he used to our member

of snowboarding school took me the great soba restaurant in Sagae

city in Yamagata. They called Yoshi-tei.

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They have so nice soba in cold temperature called

“Tsumetai niku Soba”.
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In winter time, it is unbelievable to have soba in cold. But it was

so delicious and cannot explain easily, so wonderful taste.

After that, I kept on going to find a good soba restaurant in Tokyo

area, and when I got good information, I immediately go there in

few days.

I got a good information from my friend one of the soba restaurant

in Kyobashi area is so nice. Next day, I went to there to try it.

It is called Yamagata-da.


Their soba is beautiful taste and flavor. I think Yamagata style soba

is very different from Nagano style, but it is also nice!
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When you have a time to try good soba, it is very good to know

the one of real Japanese food culture too!!

See you!!

Takahiko Saito

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Last Thursday, I was in a train from Tsuba-Ya shop in Kappa bashi

to receive the shaved knives and buy some plates

from Canyon in Kappa bashi for the apartments.

Tsuba-ya (http://www.kappabashi.or.jp/shops/100.html ) is the

knife shop famous for very good seletion

of them. They also do the maintenance work with reasonable price.

After their work, we could cut soft tomato very well.

Canyon (http://www.kappabashi.or.jp/shops/48.html ) is the very

good western style plate ware shop in Kappa bashi shopping mall.

They sometimes give the outlet sale in front of their shop.

Surely you can find very good western plates at there like wedgwood.

It is very good to get there to start the new living from their help.

I got a phone call from my father when I get off the train at Tokyo.

He said my mother got a irregular heartbeat and angina so

she need to get the operation for it, so she was transferred to

the big hospital in our area to put the catheter

in her heart. So I jumped on Shinkansen to Sendai.

I felt it was so long time to reach there.

The first operation was not goes well, but she got the second one.

I took a taxi to there, and I could see her at CCU in a hospital.

She looks not better I expected, but she tried to talk to me

in very small voice.

I got a explanation from the doctor about their treatment,

I was so surprised that Japanese medical technology is so

developed well.

Finally my mother could move to normal ward yesterday.

I hope her quick recovery soon.

Thank you for the very kind words for us!!

Takahiko Saito

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Yesterday, we did the Sakura "cherry blosoms" party at Apartments33.
"What is Hip?" in Japan from Japanese frontdesk manager
"What is Hip?" in Japan from Japanese frontdesk manager
I prepared one cocktail with cherry blossom flower in it. Pink color imagine

the warm spring season.

"What is Hip?" in Japan from Japanese frontdesk manager
"What is Hip?" in Japan from Japanese frontdesk manager

I also got some idea for the dish from my friend he is the chef of

fish restaurant called "Chiyono Oikaze" in Kamata.

He is always good to me, and he gave me many of tips to serve

the dishes in traditional Japanese way.
"What is Hip?" in Japan from Japanese frontdesk manager

And I got good information from Tojou-san in Naito Sake shop in Gotanda.

He prized for Shvalier fom Bordeaux.

He says it is my way to introduce the good wine in reasonable price.

He selected three type of wines, with under 1,000 yen average.

Each one are very good!

I think this is the season we could feel typical Japanese things.

I hope everybody can feel the good Japan while they are

staying in Japan.

Have a good Hanami!!

Takahiko Saito

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