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ずっと気になっていたM84 galleryのJeanloup Sieff展に行ってきました。私にとってJeanloup Sieffはファッションの歴史を学ぶ過程では欠かせない存在であり、写真という道に対してのスタンス、発想や手法のクリエイティビティ、ヴィジョンの明確さ、そしてもちろん素晴らしいセンス、全てが10代の私に大きな衝撃と夢を与えてくれました。偉大なる存在です。

I was finally able to visit the Jeanloup Sieff exhibit at M84 gallery that had long been on my mind. For me personally, Sieff was one of the great pillars in my self-education on fashion / photography / art, and his work taught me much about approach to work, clarity of vision, creativity in thought and technique, and of course an extraordinary sense of beauty. He was one of the first great visual inspirers for me in my teens.


In those days, I would frequent the antique and used bookstore district in Jimbocho, looking for fashion magazines from each decade to learn its history. Once in a while the old owners would even put aside ones they thought I would like. It was a sweet time.

しかし今回は、その頃から馴染みのあるSieffのファッションやポートレイト写真以外の、彼の作品物がとても心に残りました。特に好きだったのは「Andalousie」「Couple Inquiet se Hatant」というもの。

However, in this exhibit, I was most touched by his less familiar, personal work. "Andalousie", "Couple Inquiet se Hatant" being my favourites.

またSieffの妻 (Barbara Rix) 、娘 (Sonia Sieff)、そして友人である(私にとって特別な存在の)Bettina Rheimsの作品も展示されていました。

9/27 土曜日までなので、是非お早めに!

I also had the unexpected privilege to see work by his wife (Barbara Rix) and daughter (Sonia Sieff), and good friends including Bettina Rheims, another of my heroes.

All photographs signed original print and for sale.
Exhibit ends Saturday 27 Sept.  

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