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I took the Shinkansen to Sendai today to attend the Lucerne Festival Ark Nova 2014 Opening Gala. 



This project was initiated on 12 March, 2011, the day after the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan. After two and a half years in the making, the festival came to fruition last year, in 2013. 



This dramatic, transportable concert hall was jointly designed by Anish Kapoor and Arata Isozaki, both great masters in their respective fields. So beautiful. 


This is what it looked like on the inside. There was a distinct feeling of comfort and inner awareness, like being in the womb. 




The gala concert program consisted of the Kenichi Tsunoda Big Band, Kaoru Kakizakai's shakuhachi, and chamber music by soloists of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra -- a varied lineup which highlighted the surprisingly strong acoustic capabilities of the inflated hall. The distinctive shape of the balloon structure and sound-reflecting acoustic walls lining the inner wall really kept the energy and sound central. 
It's pretty amazing to be able to enjoy the subtleties of the shakuhachi flute in such a structure. The chamber music was delightful also. 



イベント後には記者会見にも出席させていただき、磯崎先生やルツェルン・フェスティバル芸術総監督のヘフリガー氏、ARK NOVAのアーティスティック・ディレクターであり梶本音楽事務所の梶本眞秀氏のお話を食い入るように聞きました。


After the event, I attended the press conference during which Isozaki, Michael Haefliger (Artistic Director of the Lucerne Festival), and Masahide Kajimoto (Artistic Director of Ark Nova and President of Kajimoto Music) spoke about the ideas and ideals behind the project. It was especially interesting to hear Isozaki talk about the polarisation of urban and rural environments and the necessity to build a nourishing, cyclical relationship between the metropolis and nature. Kajimoto commented that the Ark Nova project, with its compact hall, had allowed him to step back to the basics and reconfirm the fundamental beauty and simple pleasure of delivering music to people. 

A beautiful experience overall. I look forward to next year's developments!


*The festival will continue until 9 November. More info:

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