DELL Streak


I havent written in the past two weeks. Things were coming up (a lame excuse yeah I know). I shall cover those missing two weeks in future entry but today I want to talk about something you guys already knew.

The DELL Streak.

I came across this blog when I was googling for the word DELL STREAK. Apparently many Malaysians should be aware of the Streak by now and perhaps some of them might be planning to get one.

Since the Streak is yet to be launched in Malaysia, I checked if DELL Japan has launched the product in Japan. The answer is NO. It's scheduled to be launched in December 2010. I suspect you would know everything you need to know about this product in Malaysia but just for the record I am posting a link for the DELL Streak page on DELL Japan website.

There is still no update from the service carrier as of now. By the way, the carrier for the Streak also carries the IPAD and IPHONE. I just dont understand why would the company want to bring in the Streak as well. Oh well, maybe they are designed to appeal for different customer segments.

Have a nice day!

ps/if you care to answer my question, how many of you use the Iphone or planning to be?


Shopping for Wine


So if you are reading this I guess you already knew the first half of the story, that Akiko and I were shopping for wine glass and wine in a local department store.

Before I go on further, let me briefly explain how a person could buy alcohol product in Japan.

Basically, it is sold everywhere. OK, that's like I didnt say anything at all. To put it more clearly,

one can get alcohol product in any convenience store, local alcohol hypermarket(a big store with only alcohol products on the shelves), local minimarket, local department store or national department store.

Usually the alcohol hypermarket has the largest collection and the most competitive prices. However, the national department stores (and some local department stores) always have a better taste in choosing what to put on the shelf. The department stores might not have the space of a hypermarket but the products are usually well known and acceptable in terms of price. This applies for all types of alcohol including wine.

Coming back to our story.

We were planning to get ourselves a bottle of reasonable Bordeaux.

CK's blog マレーシア出身の外国人CKが日本のあれこれを英語で発信するブログ

Wow take a look at this! Arent they cheap. They would cost about RM20 for a bottle. I cant imagine just how cheap it would be to buy in the native country. I suppose this is good for table wine.

We ended up buying another bottle of Bordeaux not shown in this picture. The price was about RM40. Will get to try it on the coming weekend.

After picking our choice we took a stroll to see what kind of "good wine" the store is stocking.

We found this.
CK's blog マレーシア出身の外国人CKが日本のあれこれを英語で発信するブログ

Romane Conti. See the price? About RM3000 for a bottle. Oh my god....

Maybe if I were super rich. Maybe. And bear in mind that this is only a department store.

Have a nice day.



Akiko and I have found a new hobby (we think this will not become only a fad in between us).
Akiko brought me a book from the local library and it immediately caught my attention. That was a book about wine.
I have always been interested in wine but deterred by its complexity and price.
Wine apears in movies, in stories and everyday scene but I have never thought it would come into my life.
Akiko changed that by simply brought me that book. (I guess all I needed was a push in the back and she seems to have a good thrust)
I wanted to tell you which book that was but then it is in Japanese so I gave up the idea. There are plenty of books about wine in Malaysia anyway so I assume if you want to enter this world of wine you can get the best guidance without needing my info anyway.
And so what they say is true. Wine is just troublesome as in what to drink, when to drink and how to drink.
I go by the simplest motto: drink whatever that tastes good. However, it is certainly not easy to just go pick up any bottle of wine and hope that it has the taste that I wish it had. One would have to actually drink it to find out how does it taste. I know I sound stupid saying that, but think of it this way. You can guess the taste of some brandless coke if you have had a Coca-Cola in the past. However this does not seem to be applicable to wine. One bottle of red wine might taste so different than the other bottle of red wine.
And so Akiko and I decided that we should sample the wine on the market until we find something that we like. And by doing so we hope that we will understand wine better.
It is a whole new world!!

CK's blog マレーシア出身の外国人CKが日本のあれこれを英語で発信するブログ CK's blog マレーシア出身の外国人CKが日本のあれこれを英語で発信するブログ
Sparking wine from Germany. I like the Italian Asti better though.
CK's blog マレーシア出身の外国人CKが日本のあれこれを英語で発信するブログ CK's blog マレーシア出身の外国人CKが日本のあれこれを英語で発信するブログ
Red Wine (Toscana) from Italy. Taste a little bitter but the bitterness wears off quickly.
CK's blog マレーシア出身の外国人CKが日本のあれこれを英語で発信するブログ
Another sparking wine from Spain. NEGRO. I still like Italian Asti better. This is not sweet.
CK's blog マレーシア出身の外国人CKが日本のあれこれを英語で発信するブログ
MATEUS, a sweet sparkling wine fromm Portugal. This is as good as the Asti. Akiko and I have decided that this could be our all time favourite.

Have a nice day!